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  1. #ebabil

    I will remember your ideas, thx :)



    The units in the sea are spawned with a script. If on land will not be checked as a regular editor unit seems to do.


    Maybe now you will not believe me if I say you can make your own comparable scenario at an other location in less than 30 minutes. But I hope to make a video tutorial of around 7 minutes that will explain howto and no scripting knowledge is nescessary. It will be as difficult as placing triggermarkers and an airplane with the mission-editor.






    That would be awesome ..I also would enjoy some MEDEVAC/HEMS based missions...Looking forward to the video.

  2. Thank you just gave it a spin..Looks amazing the FARP is epic that ATC tower is like a fortress...I was surprised to learn I could only load 1 passenger at a time besides that overall great work..FPS took a small hit as I approached the docks just outside of NOVO smooth flying everywhere else...Great attention to detail. Rep inbound !!:thumbup:

  3. I understand some of your frustration.

    1. Simulators always ask much resources and expensive hardware helps no doubt. But my experience is that I wasted a lot of money on the most expensive controllers and that my cheapest controller did a better job.


    2. Since you post in the huey forum and with regards to missions. Don't go just yet. (shameless plug) I am making a MP mission with open free flight operations and player scores. To have some online flying fun with others. I hope you like it too.




    3. I do believe they create and fix more than they break. So unfortunately I don't agree on that. Communication about what happens when is a lesser developed skill.


    Just to not let you go. It is also about a mature community and mastering the "high grade planes" like A10, Huey and P51 you never find anywhere else. Hope to meet you online soon! :)







    That looks like alot of fun ..looking forward to the release....:thumbup:

  4. As stated above you will constantly be adjusting collective with small inputs to hold a hover.

    Sounds like you have a touchy control..try to play with friction or as a last resort curves.

    Think about getting the X-55...I have excellent power management using it.

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