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  1. @geloxo,


    One easy way around that, and that is to include the skins with the mission. All you need is permission, and you have that from me as long as you credit me in a readme file. Even if the client doesn't have the skin, they will still see a default skin, so there is no loss in doing it this way.


    Offer still stands; I've been itching to do some more aviation companies, and if you have something in mind (101st AD, 1st Cav, Medevacs) I'll see what I can do.


    Would be awesome to see 129th AHC RazorBacks !!

  2. I am led to believe the " pinkie paddle " that is shown at the 20 sec. mark will be able to be mapped as a second trigger thus giving the dual trigger function so many require...


    The Stick/Throttle will be two separate functioning units each with it's own USB..so in theory they could be used as stand alone units and can be combined with other products.


    The X-55R brings the mythological affordable HOTAS to the field and has a realistic look and probably feel to the hand very similar layout as the plastic grip I use to fly the EC120B that is my daily work space it also appears to have a dura touch coating on both components even better !


    As soon as I get my X-55R and get it dialed in I plan to make a video of it's use with the UH-1.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKsBcMyirqk

  3. Ordered mine last night !!


    As far as a second trigger that everybody has been ragging on..The "pinky paddle" is the second trigger..


    Finally somebody comes out with a HOTAS that is low price ($223.49) compared to others and has tons of features and a great realistic design can't wait to fly the Huey with this stick.


    Just the look alone is an upgrade from the X52/P

  4. We just added another Quickstart mission and a few new training missions are being finalized as well. Additional single missions, possibly some from these forums, are likely to be added, but not in time for the 1.2.7 release, which is considered final release for the Huey. However work will continue after and we do hope to provide additional gameplay content.





  5. Hi guys. I am working on a Hospital with an helipad on it for some medevac missions. I think this was asked before, but i wonder if there is any way to make this model show as an "Heliport" in mission editor so we can spawn on it. I can place it as a ground vehicle (by the MODS folder) but it is not the best way to place an heliport :P


    I just started modeling it today, so there is a lot of work to do. I can use some advice on the design itself. Thanks guys!


    Amazing looks great !!:thumbup:

  6. MY WL


    1- Flight training course w/pass/fail for each module of training ..Cross country flight as final

    before being able to run missions. (sim mode)


    2- Improved interaction with ATC , ongoing communications,handoffs etc.


    3- Real world aviation traffic (civ/mil), Operation guidelines c/m


    4- Civil aviation missions (HEMS/SAR/FD/PD/VIP/CARGO/CHARTER)


    5- Visual cargo/load (passengers,equip.)


    6- Gunners/Crew Chief call out targets,terrain


    7- Increase vibration/shake to AC during all aspects of flight


    8- Visible pilot body.


    9- New terrain options


    10- New civ traffic (road/water)


    11-UH-1 B as a dedicated Gun Ship


    12- Auto self destruct for anybody that plays CCR Fortunate Son :thumbup:

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