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  1. More bumps please.


    I actually love the shaking, its a great visual clue and very helpful even if at times it feels a little extreme.


    Throw in a couple of LSHFT K and I'm in heaven...In RL the Huey is the 3rd bumpiest ride around..The CH-47 has the highest measurement of vibration during take off with the AH-1 coming in second.


    A vibration study the US Army made in 81 shows the Huey has extreme levels of vibration during take off that affect instrument panels and crew.




    If we are hoping for the most accurate sim of the UH-1 then it should actually have more vibrations during all aspects of operation ..start up ,hover,take off,cruise,landing.

  2. " When you punch off 2.75"s, they have a tendency to slow the aircraft down noticeably."

    Steve " Razor Back 33 " Bookout.

    120th AHC/VN 68-72


    Just got done chatting with Steve and I asked if the firing of rockets change the handling this was his answer..I have faith in his word..He is the only pilot to ever have Gen.Westmoreland as a peter pilot on multiple missions as well as John Wayne as a door gunner (Strap Hanger) on 2 missions..Living Legend..

  3. Every veteran gunship pilot has told me the same thing when you felt the thump it was a good shot if there was no thump it meant the rocket was jammed and now they were flying with a live bomb attached to the GS...from what I understand the thump felt was the recoil from the rocket..I will ask Steve "Razor Back 33" Bookout to elaborate.

  4. The recoil from a rocket is fairly accurate depending on the amount fired at one time 48 max it would push the UH-1 approx. 20 feet in reverse in real life.Most pilots chose to shoot single or double pairs at a time saying that the effect of the aircraft being pushed backwards was a very scary feeling even though they were in the middle of a hot AO with tracers all around.

  5. My opinion is what you're most comfortable with purchasing there is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a flight stick sure the higher end ones have lots of features and options most of which aren't really needed to enjoy this amazing simulator.. I use the Extreme 3D Pro with CH pro pedals and I have no problems at all..My advice is find a flight stick that feels comfortable to you and keep in my mind most of the missions are long not just 5 mins up there down but an average of 45-60 minutes of nonstop control inputs..Most of all just have fun !

  6. Purchased brand new unopened game and installed i can play the game itself but there are not any menus visible so i have to refer to the pics in booklet to figure out where to click and i am unable to change controls my flightstick workd cyclic only have to use keybord ..q/a for up/down and mouse is acting like a hatswitch..has anybody else had this issue and if so how can i correct it?

    the game rocks and i would like to use it to its full potential



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