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  1. I can assign mouse related buttons on DCS with no problem, but I can't assign the mini stick as an axis.
  2. I want to assign mouse ministick on X52 as an axis on DCS but I really don't want to mess with the terrible joystick or sacrifice one of the other axis' like this method: https://www.reddit.com/r/hotas/comments/2rs6un/how_to_turn_x55_mouse_ministick_into_joystick_axes/cnsl4ew/
  3. This map would be a lot of fun with F-5A, Mirage F1, Century Series aircraft, A-7 and F-4's.
  4. I am sure I saw EP13 brightness and contrast bindings avaible on controls.
  5. You are welcome Atlas. Unlike what I said, I think enabling clutchmode does not affect DCS seeing pinkie and mode switches. I enabled it and it worked for once, but DCS keeps unseeing those buttons so i am sorry for misinforming you. If you still want to enable or disable clutch modes, you need to go to Windows Control Panel>View devices and printers, right click on X52 and click game controller settings, make sure the X52 is selected and click Properties, then click MFD and you should see clutch mode options on bottom right of the window.
  6. If you want dcs to see your pinkie and mode switches, you should enable clutch mode and disable latched clutch option. If you still want the terrible software, I uploaded 64 bit version for you. https://www.mediafire.com/file/3ox4m0m5upx1g8g/X52_HOTAS_x64_8_0_213_0.exe/file
  7. Let's say we have 2 buttons: X: Modifier button A: Release weapons by default, no commands with a modifier binded. When I press the A button it works and releases weapons. But when I press it while holding down the X button, it doesn't do anything. What I mean is, is it possible using a command with no modifiers binded while holding down a modifier? Thanks.
  8. There are no X52 profiles saved on any of my modules.
  9. I couldn't find any controller profiles in saved games.
  10. I uninstalled the software before i make this thread, DCS still didn't detect those buttons so i reinstalled it.
  11. When i delete all the shiftstates and save the profile and try to open it, it says ''Failed to open file''
  12. I didn't know what the software does. Im planning to set them as modifiers on DCS control settings. Thanks a lot for helping.
  13. Hi, just got my X52 today, i plugged it in and run DCS. At first, it detected mode and pinkie switches. Then i closed DCS and installed X52 software and DCS no longer detects mode and pinkie switches. Please help.
  14. Any plans for detailed IFF in DCS?
  15. I know. I wonder if it is possible to manipulate the missile logic to make it hit ground targets.
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