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  1. Hmm, if I make a mission in which the whole flight is already airborne, the wingmen do follow orders. But if they start at the parking (hot), then they don't. Strange.
  2. FWIW, I never managed my wingman to do anything, so count yourself lucky with this Do you remember which Syria mission btw?
  3. Hi @BIGNEWY I am having the same problem and found a simple way to reproduce it. I'm using the Caucasus Runway start Instant Action mission and then do the following: 1. Switch to CPG. 2. Order Pilot George to hover to 50 m. 3. Wait for it to be stable. Based on the ENG page guesstimate the required collective input and apply it. 4. Switch to the pilot seat, without touching any controls (literally hands and feet off). The aircraft is stable and the control indicator shows that the aircraft is trimmed at significant left pedal input. 5. Apply a minimum of pedal input. The pedal trim is reset to zero and the aircraft starts spinning. This happens with or without "George AI Handover" enabled. Of course when "George AI Handover" is disabled you first have to take control. The aircraft remains stable after hitting the C key, but after applying any pedal input the trim is reset anyway. I'm using the INSTANT TRIM options for both cyclic and collective btw. Trim Reset After Switching to Pilot.trk
  4. I managed to have some succes by holding (in a hover) just east of the airport, if I wait there all wingmen join and I get reports from the SEAD aircraft. Perhaps a coincidence, but it worked twice in a row.
  5. Sorry, I made a typo, the radio is indeed tuned to 251.45 MHz. I do have comms with ATC and my wingman (although number 3 and 4 never take off). @Hangar200can you confirm that this mission is still working?
  6. I'm trying out this mission, but I never get any reports from the F-16s. According to the mission briefing the radio should be tuned to 251.54 MHz, but I wonder if that is correct as that frequency is assigned to all units it seems.
  7. This question was aksed on Hoggit as well, please read the answer there: https://www.reddit.com/r/hoggit/comments/o3dhlj/what_does_the_sr_19j6_pair_to_or_belong_to/
  8. Given the very low frequency of the signals (for radio waves that is), there is a ground wave next to the so-called sky wave. The ground wave is typically weaker than the skywave, especially over mountainous terrain. I would be very surprised if DCS would model the ground wave. Probably only the sky wave is modelled and terrain blocking is not taken into account at all. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_propagation#Surface_modes_(groundwave)
  9. Not sure if this is a DCS 2.7 issue, but mission 20 is very foggy. On the ground it just looks weird too (my settings have everything maxed out, so I'm assuming that my settings are not the culprit): Getting to the target, without getting shot down was very hard, the terrain is hard to spot because of the fog. Nevertheless I did manage to get ordnance on target after the third try, but the turn around after that ended 'not so well'. Since I didn't do the mission before the 2.7 update I can't really tell if the fog is supposed to be this thick. The mission is not impossible, but it is a suicide mission all right .
  10. , Had the same issue on The Enemy Within 3.0 mission 19. Note that you can edit the logbook.lua and manually 'end the mission'. Not a very easy to do workaround, but at least you can progress the campaign ...
  11. Thanks for the fix, can't wait to finally finish the campaign!
  12. In mission 19 the Apaches (callsign Banshee) do not take off. The Huey takes off allright, but the Apaches just sit there. I think I waited long enough (loitered around waypoint three for about 10 minutes). Because Banshee never arrives on station, the mission basically does not work. The radio also does not seem to be working, I have set the FM radio to 33, but I have not take-off briefing and no chatter during the flight with my wingman. I do receive the DCS radio messages like '2, rolling', but not the campaign specific message (which I assume should be there). P.S.: I'm using the A-10C II version of the campaign. P.P.S.: The mission date is 17-04-2012, today is 17-04-2021, just saying, the mission has to be flown today!
  13. Do you mean you have to set course in DCS (which is true), or do you mean it also works likes this in real-life? It is technically possible to provide steering direction towards the runway based on ILS alone (without setting the course). That does not mean that the A-10C does not require you to set the course, I don't know how it works in real-life.
  14. I am actually following these steps. I know ILS works, because I get a glidescope. So I see two steering bars. Setting course should not have an effect indeed, but it seems it does have an effect in the sim. Bug?
  15. Do you know how to fly on ILS only in the DCS A-10CII, or on raw ILS data as you put it? I can't get it to work without setting the course in the HSI.
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