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  1. Hello, Is there any way that i can use to import .edm file inside Blender 2.80? I have .edm Exporter for Blender, but i cant find any importers for it. Any help ?
  2. Hello, I saw that some liveries are shiny and some are not. But when im making my new livery in PS and put it inside MW2, livery is not shiny, it looks like it has mat color on it. Can you help me how to make shiny livery?
  3. Hello, Where i can see all updates to MI-8 helicopter and in which version of DCS world they happend?
  4. I used both collective and throttle to control helicopters.. For me collective is another level.. I know that there are a lot of super great thorttle for sim, but collective is in the real helicopter for a reason. Thank you for the answer ! And i dont think i have to mount it on chair, it can stay next to the chair, i have some other ideas, but ill wait for collective to arrive.
  5. Hello, now i have enough money for MFG Crosswind V3 pedals, and K-51 collecitve. Should i buy it now and after 3,4,5 months i should have enough money for VKB stick. Do i need to wait to buy everything together or i should buy one by one. Right now i have cheapest joystick on planet. Thrustmaster USB joystick and i should replace him with VKB one.
  6. Yeah, ill probably go with VKB Gunfighter III with extension.
  7. Right now i want something durable and good..
  8. Ohh, waiting long time for buying some new equipement.. That one seems like really really good. I should start working again in couple of days and ill try to earn some money.. I have some but thats not enough for full "simulator" (with pedals and collective)..
  9. Oh, thanks for the answer. Right now im probably aiming for something high end. I decided to buy something good like Thrustmaster Warthog, that will stay with me at least a decade.. I thought about buying mid-range, but after reading a lot of things about mid-range equipement it doesnt look too good..
  10. Thank you all for your suggestions! Ill see what will i do.
  11. Hello, I have couple of questions for my second joystick for HIP! First, right now i have cheapest possible joystick Thrustmaster USB. It was good, but in same time it was hard for flying helicopter (i had to press buttons to move collective). I looked at X52, TM 16000M, MS Sidewinder, or you know something that i dont know. (probably yes, because i dont know a lot about a joystick) Which one do you suggest me buying and why? Thanks!
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