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  1. Yes, quite the same but not really. I did NOT change azimuth, i was at 140 all the time. But i did switch weapons and also command quite a few STT's that didn't work (mountainous terrain). My radar worked otherwise perfectly just that it was tilted down.
  2. Both me and my Wingman had radar elevation failing during our mission tonight. We both could slew it down and later we tried to reset it back up and it was stuck. On both aircrafts. Tried to toggle everything with no joy. We had no TGP loaded, full A-A loadout. I got a super long track and i don't have a clue when the issue actuelly happened, only that we both noticed it after 10-20 minutes of the initial slew. The only thing i did that i haven't done in a long while was manual IFF through the radar screen. Other then that we did not do any fancy stuff.
  3. It's NOT latched. You MUST hold it down all the time.
  4. I use 18 seconds TTI, used from that in the A-10C. Dropped 4 LGB's today, all hit except one, but that one got masked 4 seconds before impact :)
  5. Have the Streamdeck XL and really looking forward to get this working. Looking forward to see the progress. I'm gonna do some dumb buttons in the meantime. Thanks for your work!
  6. Can’t wait for proper ID’s (set in pit) in our missions. Our controllers get a much bigger and unnecessary workload now. I’m loving every OB now with all the new awesome features. Not loving the hotfixes but I guess you guys can only have so many testers.
  7. Maybe rename this forum section to 'The moaning board'? They work as quickly as they can, the Hornet gets new cool features almost 2 times a month. There’s lots of cool stuff to use right now. Sure we all wait for the TGP, if you can’t buddy lase you can still have lots of fun with all the other features that actually are implemented.
  8. This appeared on latest OB for me as well.
  9. I've seen this from time to time as well. Never thought it was ground units, but speed/alt was always zero. I thought it was the already reported SA F/F bug.
  10. I have basically the same setup as you, but my CPU runs at like 18-20%. My GPU mostly at 80-95%. I run 2560/1440@75 fps (v-sync), everything at max and SSAA 1.5. Without Vsync i get well above 100 fps. I have not set any affinity since it runs so well.
  11. We use intraflight TCN all the time and have since hornet release basically. Works just fine.
  12. IFF interrogation will be automatic later on.
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