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  1. Wow. This is actually something I could really do with these days. Do you have any plans for the aluminium profile?
  2. You know I’ve had this issue for YEARS - And I’ve always known it was this setting ...yet I still never bothered changing it. Probably 3-500 cold starts in the warthog in that time. I almost impress myself with that degree of laziness. Perhaps I’ll do it now...
  3. This is something I’ve been awaiting for a LONG time! Thank you for putting so much time into this project Zeen! You’re a true asset to the community.
  4. Incredible work as always Zeen. Thank you for your efforts!
  5. You’re looking for a push button rotary encoder, not a rotary switch. With that terminology it should be reasonably easy to source one. You didn’t mention where you are so it’s tough to suggest a supplier.
  6. Yep, the new install will not contain your scripts file (generally there isn’t even one there at first). Just grab it out of your old install directory and copy it across. All works fine on my system.
  7. 10-15cm max on the Warthog base is about right Mr. Burns. (In my opinion) Anything longer than that and the throw is just so far that it feels wrong. The full deflection with a floor height extension would be way wider than your legs would comfortably accommodate. If you need/desire a bigger extension than that I'd be looking for an alternative base, or building a gimbal of your own.
  8. Wait until it arrives is my advice - the installation and setup process is very polished, and the tutorial game is actually one of the shining gems of the whole experience! Assuming you got the touch bundle, take the time to enjoy some of the other aspects of VR and familiarise yourself with the dash environment. You are currently able to opt into the new beta software, which hugely increases the interactivity of the menu and home system (essentially the VR environment when you’re not in game) I bought it for flying, but I’ve had fun playing the other stuff beyond a level I can describe. Superhot VR is an absolute masterpiece of immersion and action. For DCS, watch Jabbers’ YouTube video, which explains everything you need to know about configuring the settings for optimal VR performance. I found it to be pretty much plug and play. Hint - Resolution, monitor config and aspect ratio do nothing in VR! It’s worth configuring shortcuts to launch VR and standard mode for DCS, so you don’t have to mess around with the options. DCS has ‘Re-center view’ and ‘VR zoom’ keybinds in the preferences, which are very useful during flight. To save you a headache, the VR zoom is a momentary push command, which zooms to a preset magnification, and returns to normal when you release the button. It is not an axis. If you have touch controllers connected, you will see them in the cockpit, but at this stage they are non-functional static hands. Just put them out of the way. Shift-P will show/hide the pilot model in some aircraft, it adds amazing immersion in VR, but also masks a lot of switches, so consider binding it to something accessible. I hope that helps with taking your first steps into VR. As others have said, the resolution keeps it from being 100% perfect, but I am confident you will forgive that the second you’ve moved your head!
  9. Has anyone ever considered putting a small capacitor on the pot to see if it smooths the output - or is the jitter introduced after the digital conversion?
  10. Not sure who the user is but you may be interested in this product being in Germany! https://www.monstertech.de/en/product/joystick-hotas-table-mount/ However, I wouldn’t really worry about the dimensions of the build in the video - So much of that comes down to preference and circumstance. I don’t know how familiar you are with woodworking, but on projects like that it really comes down to “what fits my needs” rather than copying someone else’s build. Measure up your own desk and go from there!
  11. You know I spent forever scouring the TacView UI for the record control the other day. Can’t believe I missed that! Updated my original post.
  12. Chewy it’s a balancing act - For SPDT switches you need another input for every switch. Lots more wiring, more input boards, more expense. It quickly becomes very cost/time effective to learn a bit of lua - Or more favourably, capitalise on someone else’s work to make it work :D Then add to the mix three position switches, such as the flaps in the A-10C. Even with a DT switch you still need to tell it where ‘Middle’ is! Fortunately the community here is very happy to share their work, so it’s usually just a case of copying a few lines to save yourself a lot of work!
  13. Do you two have Tacview recording? With that many objects it can be a real CPU hog. Particarly on a ~2012 i5. (I have the same chip) I appreciate that Tacview is a necessity for many of us, but try disabling it and report back. If you are running Tacview, the proper way to disable it is inside of DCS' special menu for Tacview (Launch DCS< go to Settings -> Special -> Tacview) and disable recording.
  14. They’ll work fine. I have a little S-Video display running my CDU, from an HDMI converter. Works perfectly! Windows just sees it as any other monitor. Lilliput just seem to be the ‘Safe’ option simply because they’re the most popular choice, despite costing much more than the alternatives!
  15. Thats the grid ref. It goes in the line above the MGRS co-ords. For most flights this will not change much, if at all, unless you are flying a long way.
  16. Lots of passive aggressive comments here. Disappointing to see! Wishing you guys all the best with this. I’ve been eagerly awaiting some civvy aircraft as I’ve never really enjoyed FSX or the other civvy sims. It’s great to see DCS evolving into a broader platform, and I’ve no doubt it’ll drive a new demographic into the community! Long may it continue!
  17. I don't have the type of photo you requested, but I would recommend a 34" ultrawide over 2x 27" displays personally!
  18. I hope you can find the perfect HOTAS OP, because no one here has :P
  19. It’s a very valid point. Most people who fly with an extension will typixally mount the stick either on the floor (on some sort of riser plinth - A floor to seat height extension is WAY too long for the WH, and would create a huge throw). Alternatively there are some good desk mounts (Like MonsterTech) which lower the stick to a more reasonable level.
  20. In my experience, the few with issues shout louder than the many without. I’ve had two Warthogs (Stopped simming and sold my gear, then came back to it and bought another) and both have been perfect with combined thousands of hours. Yes, there are little things, like a bit of side jiggle in the throttle, but they really don’t affect controllability of the a/c. Those who are “plagued with issues” in my experience, are those who spend more time on the forum than in the sim. I’ve noticed a real habit of people who become obsessed with finding the perfect HOTAS or solving some sort of phantom problem, and it’s like a sickness! If the Virtual Thunderbirds and the guys I’m lucky enough to fly alongside at the 476th can fly the way they do with the Warthog (or less) I don’t think anyone can attribute their inability to refuel or formation fly to a couple mm of play. Chalk it up to spending too much time looking for something to complain about :P
  21. I may PM you soon with some questions. If I can do what I need with this, I'm buying one!
  22. Outstanding work. I could use this to make an all-in-one radio panel for the A-10C, or naturally, anything else!
  23. Try that in the meantime, but ideally I'd like to see a shot of the profile just to give me some context, and to see if anything else is the issue. (Existing textures could possibly be occluding the viewports) Drop that image into Helios\Images then go to the properties in the top right corner of Helios Profile Editor and select the image as your background. Use the stretch/centre option so it fits the monitor correctly. Obviously you need to ensure you select the monitor that the profile is on, in the profile you sent I'm assuming Monitor 2.
  24. You'd need to attach the images folder which is stored alongside the profile for me to view it. At the moment it's a blank profile with some text where the switches would be. Being a Zeen profile it's probably a lot to upload, with all his nice textures! If you could just run the profile as it and print screen it to give me a reference, that would be easier for us both!
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