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  1. Wow how do you do that?
  2. You can't seat switch in multiplayer yet.
  3. The ability to read off coordinates to jester and have him input them into a desired wapoint needs to be a thing. Using the map markers is great and all but when doing things on the fly getting info from other people who have seen a target is done by giving coordinates. Also about 50 percent of the time map markers in multiplayer don't work or there are too many down to be used. Or sometimes he acknowledged the coordinates and then inputs something 50 miles from the map marker. Please add this feature to a great program.
  4. Lykurgus


    As long as it was configured correctly it did tend to have you come in a little low. With all the changes recently to the Tomcat and the burble it could be the cause. In addition the glide slope on the SC is for the Hornet and not the Tomcat so that's an issue as well. What you should be doing anyways is decoupling from acls at a 1/4 mile minimum and flying the needles the rest of the way. This is how it was done in real life as well since the system had some problems and lack of confidence in it on final.
  5. If possible you should contract Cobra from heatblur to redo the Super Carrier 3D modeling and textures. The Forrestall looks fantastic.....combine the awesome work you did with the deck crew and interactive super carrier features and it would be next level.
  6. They must have put the merlin back into it because on their website they even say that it has the merlin 500 in it. Also videos like this of it from a year ago clearly show the merlin. I guess they must have pulled the dB that was put into it in another plane or maybe they were unable to fix it if something happened to it.
  7. He 219.....would be a good German counterpoint for the mosquito.
  8. Well that particular plane is a g12 powered by a merlin engine. If you could see the outside of this plane you would see the exhaust blisters and everything. Quite the abomination. There are quite a few videos of this aircraft out there.
  9. Looks a lot like you use the auto rudder function. What's the sound mod though?
  10. Viacom Pro and Ai Rio For the love of everything that is good,holy, and airborne please let viacom work again in upcoming patches or just include it in the game as a pay for module.
  11. Ai rio was the only thing that made flying the f14 even remotely enjoyable without the rio. I could talk to it like it was a person in the back. But no ED just has to take a big dump on anything that helps with immersion. So many pictures out there of F-14 pilots using the jester wheel in track ir to manipulate the radar to get locks. If you're so worried about cheating start examining telemetry data for people doing strange and weird things.
  12. Slightly inferior in turns to a spit.......lol . The spit turns like a ufo or a 2000hp aircraft made of balsa wood compared to the dora
  13. He 219 would be a good one for Germany since allies will have the mosquito soon
  14. Lykurgus

    Corsair Hype!

    Ironically the f4u was relegated to ground based missions for quite a while due to problems with visibility for landing on a carrier. It took a new approach method, that's the Brits developed, for it to be on a carrier.
  15. Upon repair and sometimes refuel/rearm the D-9 radio will read a frequency of 0 and is unable to be changed. The PTT button stops working as well as the ability to hear anyone else. Even getting into a new D-9 by jumping to spectators does not fix it. I have to exit both DCS and Simple Radio in order for it to work again.
  16. My engine always seems to die approaching an airfield. Everything is good with the engine...all the temps and pressures are good. Boost is set to off for quite some time. Throttle is not pulled back to idle or anything like that. Prop pitch is set to auto and full forward. Then it gradually loses power and I can hear the bearings I think.
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