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  1. Wisky

    Harrier ATHS

    there have been some ppl asking for that feature in discord, but last thing i saw it is not worked on right now. it would probably need to be added by ED anyway, as Razbam could only implement a way to send cas pages between harriers, but not change stuff for other assets that are managed by ED - like combined arms
  2. Wisky

    Harrier ATHS

    not at this time
  3. what is auto mode? its also just 3 posts above yours in the pins in this forum:
  4. the harrier is a beast at deck, but the higher you go the harder it will be without any afterburner. The tiny wings on the harrier are great for parking on a carrier and for taking off and landing we have the nozzles and flaps. But the thinner the air the less lift you will get from the wings, and if you try to create lift with flaps its like throwing an anchor. another factor is the big engine. Its starving for air the higher you go and would easily overtorque if it wouldnt be limited by systems. at 20.000 ft youre likely reduced to 60% engine power. at 30.000 its maybe 40% left. and iirc plus 38.000 the engine has a chance to just turn off mid air.
  5. there is already a Water TO - OFF - LAND switch its named a bit different though and is put in a different menu. If you look around for it you will find it. I know its there because i am using it.
  6. i am not gonna watch 15 minutes of video for a 10 second problem and that is going to be the same for any dev. please make sure to cut out parts that are not related to the issue. the same goes for your track and why it is corrupted. A track is merely a record of your inputs. But there are random factors in flight that will make it very hard to even track a correct take off or landing. So if your posting a track to show a problem make it airspawn and not longer than 1-3 minutes showing the problem directly. Nobody needs to watch you taking off or doing a correct cold start to show a slewing problem. if you do i am sure a lot more people are willing to look at your problem.
  7. tdc action should move the camera faster with dmt and help with ground stabilization. with tgp it should only ground stabilize while holding, no movement plus or minus
  8. but you do have to set targetpoints manually too, if you do it in the air
  9. thats not a thing in the harrier. Pylons only get removed for maintenance, never for flight.
  10. so to control your tpod you need to switch to tpod hotas mode by 2x depressing SSS. to go out of that mode again and into INS mode you 2x depess SSS again. now you can undesignate a system designation
  11. since last update you need to go back to INS to undesignate if you are in tpod mode
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