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  1. Maybe so but in my opinion it´s not working since hotfix when using autostart(with ins tip above). If I chose hot start or jump inside an ai m2000c and then back it works without problems.
  2. The INS tip makes it continue(Thanx) but I have with this method problems with engaging the autopilot and I can´t find out what the problem is. Maybe there is a tip for that also?
  3. Ok, I read something about this in the doc but I did not understand that I should look for the whole name in Jester menu (so I was looking for the shortcuts ) I´ve done a couple of missions now and it´s really good and I have a much better understanding for the F14 already! And very good with all the voiceovers they really contribute to the immersive. One thing though. It seems like we will use the exakt same route and range throughout the whole campaign. As there are other gates on the kneeboard it had been good training to use them as well to get some navigation variation. But maybe the missions themselves will be the variation instead? Also I use VR so keyboard shortcuts are not so usable for Jester.
  4. Good news, I got it right and had no problem at all!! Thanx! Some other question that I have tried to find answers for but had no luck: * Can I somehow map the space button(for conversation ack) to joystick? Space key is now mapped to trigger first detant but pressing that wont acknowlede mission/Jester conversations etc. * In Jester menu I find the waypoints as usual but where to find the gates?
  5. I had read that navigation help and of course I followed the instruction to not pass Gator. But after waiting for minutes at the runway with gator stopped in front of a soldier I was thinking that I should pass him after all so tried that and when the dialog continued I thought that maybe it was designed this way. You all need to understand that it is very hard to know exactly what is right and what wrong in scripted missions especially if things suddenly goes wrong(according to the design) but for me (not nowing the design) its not obvious. If I had knew via instructions that if Gator is stucked: "do not takeoff (as trial and error) Instead stopp the mission and retry", I had done so...
  6. Thanx for answers. Of course I did tune to channel 4. But I was not aware that I needed to have stopped behing Gator when doing so and also do the checklist exactly at that point. I will try this and it will probably work but maybe you should build in some "gatekeeping" functionality if some triggers is not trigged. In my case(the third time I tried) I flew almost the whole mission with all communications but without gator in the air...
  7. Hi, I follow every instruction and taxi behind the F5e. He stops in front of a soldier close to runway and remains there. I have tried to wait but no luck. Ive tried to take off on both runways(as trial an error) but no luck. Ive even flown the route rusulting in a "dogfight" with no enemy aircraft. What am I suppose to do and why is this not described in the manual or via instructions in game? Such things like fouling around and trying to find a mission trigger really destroys the immersion...
  8. But not if just press buy directly. Regardless of what you trying to prove Im dissapointed and there is no way your arguments can change that. Im not stupid and I can read, but if the text is not visable how can I possible read it...
  9. Not in the e-shop and certainly not when I bought it...
  10. So what you basically are saying is that this was a total waste for me(to buy) as I only use VR? Maybe you should clarify this in the e-shop...
  11. I agree, this is a nice campaign and I really enjoy it! I did not think that I would ever touch the F5e again and I almost had forgot my f5e which I bought a long time ago and when other modules came I used them instead. I since then have thought about the f5e to be booring and hoplessly aoutdated when it comes to sensors etc. And although that is true Im amazed how good this aircraft realy is. It has not much electronic gadgets but what it has is very good if you learn exactly how to use it and also get to know tactis as Ive had in another thread here. Also this campaign does not feel as scripted as some other campaigs when it comes to the battle it self.
  12. Thanx for answers. Ill be better at tactics and planning! I was a little confused by this: "Since the F-5s can take the MiGs head on, the MiGs will lose one or two airplanes in that fight. At least one other will turn to engage you. Keep your fuel tanks and just push your speed to max and the MiGs will be hard pressed to catch up" By the way are using VR when you say it is easy? I find VR to be exellent in almost every aspect but looking backwards. For me it´s impossible to turn my head the amount required to look out for chasing migs and/or missiles, Also I agree with using the default communication. The other method tends to be very limited when it comes to tactics. One question regarding the extra fuel tanks(I find it hard to know their status), Is the message "exteral empty" always refering to all of external tanks, or do center and pylons have seperate messages?
  13. OK thanx that helped and I passed it. But Im amazed over how bad the f-5e performs compared to the migs in that mission. They out turn me and can still climb like rockets while I struggle to pass stall speed and while doing so I must fly straight and then they will easily come behind me after a looping!! If I then turn do avoid them my speed drops again. This just does not feel right and probably it´s DCS. However maybe you have set the AI to expert or simular? Next mission is the same story. I will eventually succed but I strongly feel that the first missions could have been a little bit easier and focused on imersion of the campaign rather than theoritical realism. One thing also JonathanRL states above that the F5 can take the migs staright on but that doesn´t work in these missions. Probably because of "wrong" missile and if so why isn´t the F5 loaded with a better missile in the mission so there is at least one advantage over these "space crafts"?
  14. I totally agree with Marlan, this campaign is awesome!! Even for players like me that own almost every module, theater campaign and can handle almost every aspect of the FA-18 and others. Especially when you fly in VR and have a life besides DCS it can be frustrating to set everything up and fly for 90minutes just to be shoot down without having even pulled the trigger. So rising squal is a welcome relief to that without taking away any of the modules realism. (for me realism is not about constantly flip up and down the VR helmet just to write down and read a lots of coordinates or fail because of stupid AI that can´t handle all the so called realism ) I also sincerely hope that you will be able to do another one!
  15. Ok good to know. As for now the movies are just not "flying" for me. Very hard to enjoy when just reading(painstakingly long as it is a movie). No matter how I try to follow it is just not intressting and it´s hard to follow in game when you don´t recognize the voice as the english version is not in the movies(with full respect to problems with Covid). I don´t wan´t more text I wan´t less, so maybe you missunderstod me a little bit. As you told me there is problems due Covid so nothing can be enhanged at the moment. But I suggest that you consider the mission briefing to be spoken(with dramatic voice and music) instead of reading. Maybe (before ED fix something) that can take place in the cockpit at start? If you get that right all text can be skipped(or at least you can choose not to read it) and that would be "heaven sent" for a VR user... And speaking of VR, it does not matter if I zoom in on the picture it´s still not readable but never mind it doesn´t matter... Also when talking about the movie I need to quit DCS to be able to watch them(just to be able to read english text) not very fun when you wan´t to just continue... I have looked at them after finishing some missions(0-6) and I still can´t folllow the story very well and I don´t feel any conection with the characters despite doing so (to some extend) in cockpit. I think you are on the completly right track with these very complicated (constructionwise), very fine tuned and entartaining missions. Also having a story(although Im not fond of this particular one) is also very good idea wise. The way that you use the assets and availble maps is just brilliant(I´ve seen things and places I can´t recall to have seen before in missions). Even AI (for some unexplained reason) feels more intellegent. So I really hope that you will get the expected ROI so can do another one.
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