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  1. Discuss other sim news is what this thread is all about. Why are there 2 threads closed when talking about other sim. news this IS the place to put it. 1.12 does not apply to this thread as discribed by ED themselves where forum members can talk about other sims. some more heavy handed moderation from a certain moderator. This is getting too regimental. you can't say anything that does not pertain to ED, even though they give us a thread to do so.:mad:
  2. No knowledge would be a mistake, take advantage of what ever you can.
  3. For god sake look on the internet in the right places and you will find all the information you wish on the Typhoon. I mean right places, you will recognize them when you see them. komemiute is absolutely correct.;)
  4. Well those last two post were very well done.:thumbup: Nothing to say except there are very high fidelity aircraft out in the market already. Grant you not a lot but there are some very well done aircraft. If developers key in more on this with the new offerings coming up, that would be great.:thumbup:
  5. Was there any question that they would not make a go of Flight. They never even had the support of the MS community. It was just a matter of when the announcement was coming. This is what CAN happen if you don't watch your customer base and listen to thoughts, opinions and ideas. Take the wrong path and this happens. Not the first won't be the last.
  6. Not a high probability of this going to happen.:huh:
  7. Yes, GG it is worth keeping an eye on,if nothing else.:thumbup:
  8. On what, it won't be out for 2 years? Anything is possible but I would think it is a lot closer than that.
  9. Thanks, indepth and a lot of information. I think we have to wait and see just what each has to really offer when the time comes. IRIS and VEAO are quite a ways off yet as well. Yes, Their training would appear quite intensive. Man we are very hopeful that TacPack will be out before 2 years. A lot closer.
  10. Has anyone come across anything else?
  11. cool, Your form looks good.:thumbup: I shot unlimited for a lot of years. Now just hunt. Used to love the FITA Field round., Ok back on topic.:thumbup:
  12. Relax, just pointing out that as sim pilots there seems to be more coming our way. whether we jump on some of this is upto the individual. For years we have been relying on one company to provide us with Combat simulation. For what ever reason we seem to be attracting a little attention. Nothing wrong with that.
  13. That is not prepar3D which you can do the same. You can buy the home version for $44.95 so you don't have to worry and you get the Whole World to fly in. Yes, Subscription based flight simulation does appear to be expensive. I think you would have to take a close look at what is offered and see if it fits the price. Like I said the flight sim pilot is going to be in for some interesting times.
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