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  1. I wonder if the standard steam version is still the all-in-one version, since it's double the price than in ed's store?
  2. I think ED are well aware of it's limits, but it seems that overcoming those need quite some rework of core elements. Matt stated at least so in this 2019 interview: The damage model will take it's time and a more detailed ground can probably only be done once the switch to Vulkan API is done.
  3. Might seem so, but my point of concern was, that the left console was not illuminated at all.
  4. Hej there, I tried to use the flashlight, but nothing at all happened. Then I realised that it's showing something, that seems like a zoomed in version of some console outside of my right cockpit side. That really looks like a very nasty bug. See screenshot:
  5. The problem is everywhere and I did replug everything. But I've been out of the cockpit for too long and forgot to move the throttle to idle with the mouse. After that it's working as it should. Shame on me ...
  6. Hey there, since the latest update, my throttle is no longer being recognized. If I configure it in the settings, it shows the input there, but the in cockpit the throttle is not moving. I'm using a thrustmaster warthog throttle. Before the update the breaks of my pedals (Saitek Pro) were not working - not in the settings and (of course) not in cockpit. They work now after reassignement (which was not possible before).
  7. I hope for that. Am looking sooo forward to this campaign.
  8. Well, I wouldn't call this a landing (and also not "luck" ): Got probably logged as successful landing and not as crash, because of the end position?
  9. With my now again working sound I just tried it out and had quite some problems configuring the axes. As a result it really behave like a bull and I crashed - or so I thought. Because my cockpit glass had (I think) some cracks and the heli was at an 45 degree angle, but my log showed 1 successful landing. Could that be a bug?
  10. sergkar

    No sound

    I did that in the device manager. Didn't help I also disconnected HDMI, also disabled the Display audio. As I said, it was really weird. In the Nvidia software I have no audio options at all. From your screenshot I only see the 3D Settings part. In another game, I had no sound too. There I deleted a cache folder, that contained only a couple old files but quite a lot from today, since I did reinstall today. However after deleting all files and verifying again, steam downloaded 1 file to that folder (actually strange for a cache) all other were new generated. So actually I think, if you could tell my where the sound presets folder is located. It might possibly have helped to just delete that one and let steam download it again. That would be my guess. But I will no more fiddle with it now.
  11. sergkar

    No sound

    Yeah, but I'm not sure about that. Deactivating and reactivating of other sound devices I had done before ... so ... don't know what it really was. Oh, one more thing. During my online search I came over a couple of people with audio problems in different games, that surface after one of the latest Nvidia driver updates - so that might be the cause.
  12. sergkar

    No sound

    FYI: Update to the latest stable version didn't help. I did deactivate all other sound devices, started DCS, alt-tabed back to windows and set the audio device for DCS specifically from standard to that device. To no effect. Then I restarted (again) my PC, reactivated the other devices, started DCS and had sound. Back to system preferences the device had automatically switched back to standard. Restarted again and it still worked! Crazy. If I could I would now place my PC into read only and refrain from any further updates. That was the weirdest behaviour I've ever encountered ...
  13. sergkar

    No sound

    Have there been any findings so far?
  14. sergkar

    No sound

    Here we go DxDiag.txt
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