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  1. Bonjour, je voulais signaler un soucis. Depuis que je suis passé en , DCS ne se lance plus. Il y a le loading puis cela disparait. J ai essayé de réparer DCS en réparation rapide, et ensuite en réparation lente.... La réparation s est faite mais le problème persiste. Je suis repassé en version et la cela refonctionne..... Je joue sous windows 10, et j ai un casque oculus rift s. La grande différence entre les 2 versions : dans la il ne lance pas le programme OCULUS a la fin du loading. Alors que dans l autre version, l oculus se lance et après cela fonctionne .... J ai le problème meme si je débranche le casque VR et que j essaie de le lancer sans VR Si cela peut aider les devs Bonne soirée
  2. okay thanks for the test. So we ll need to wait that ED fix that .
  3. Hi everyone I don t know if it s a 2.7 new feature, but I've just discovered yesterday that we can add pictures IN-GAME (in cockpit). (pictures to all, pictures to group , and so on ...) I've tried it, with a *.PNG file, and it worked perfectly ... at least when I launch it in solo mode. When we try it online on a server, no one had this picture showing. So the questions are : 1) Is this a solo feature only ? 2) If not, should I copy the picture file somewhere into the *.miz file ? Thanks for your answers , Have a nice day
  4. thhaannnk you you re right. ap was written there, i removed it and now it s working..... never looked there because i don t know how to use this. really thank you
  5. ok I ll look at this, after my work. I wish it could be that easy to fix it
  6. yes, I found at line 33695, this ["initScript"] = "AP", But I don't know anything in LUA code, so I don't know what to look for. Can I fix it in mission editor ? @HC_Official I don't have dropbox, but maybe I will upload it on a private server and share the link
  7. When I look the code, at line 299 ["func"] = { [2] = "if mission.trig.conditions[2]() then mission.trig.actions[2]() end", [3] = "if mission.trig.conditions[3]() then mission.trig.actions[3]() end", [4] = "if mission.trig.conditions[4]() then mission.trig.actions[4]() end", Number 1 is missing ? Could it be the problem ?
  8. Here is the mission files (just the code to avoid the 50 mb of audio) With the error msg I got, does it say where I should look ? Which line ? mission
  9. okay I'll post that when I'll come back from work. strange that a "END" is missing, because I always use the Mission Editor, ... so never had to write "if, then, end" ... and do you think it could come from any special symbol I wrote into text message like those one : ( ) = ° * - _ ???
  10. the mission is more than 50 mb heavy ... a lot of audio, and so on ... the mission.lua would help ?
  11. Hi everyone, I need help. I'm actually finishing a big mission that took me 2 months to do. Recently, after adding a lot of text, I got this error each time I play the mission ... but the mission still works. I try to find out what's the reason but I cannot find it. I only used mission editor and didn't touch any LUA files manually. First question : Are there some characters or symbols that's forbidden to use into text message/or message to groups , like one of those " ' ! ( * / * ° ? Second question : can anyone help me to find out where I need to look for, to solve the problem. In attachment you ve got the error message Thanks in advance for your help
  12. I find the reason and the solution. With the Configurator, under tab "Editor", I exported the file (in a keyword.csv, and keyword.txt) .... and analyse the keywords.... at the line of the missing keywords (show notes, show log,), I noticed that it was one of my trigger of my own mission, instead of the kneeboard command. So the problem was : I checked the checkbox in the option "Import F10 menu", and so it replaces the good kneeboard commands with my mission items. So I went in Configurator -- Reset -- Reset Keywords. And now it works and I can find "Show Log" and "Show notes"
  13. Yeah, a key press would be fine for me too ... but I don t know which command it is, to switch tab . On a Youtube video, I saw, it s in "Uncategorized" commands .... I don t have this section.
  14. Hi, I ve just bought the bundle. I have an issue with the Kneeboard ... it appears, but I cannot switch between the different tabs ... After looking on the internet, I saw that I had to use voice command to switch tab ... but it doesn t work ... in voice attack , I have no command "Show Notes" and so on ... I activated the kneeboard with the key, it worked. In the configurator, I see "Show Notes" in the "Editor" tab of the configurator. I clicked on finish and apply ... but still not working in voice attack and still not see any commands for kneeboard in voice attack command list .... What did I do wrong ? Thanks for your answers
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