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  1. The gunner is already waiting for us in the game files and can be made to appear with some lua magic. Hopefully next update he's ready
  2. Don't get your hopes up yet, the newsletter said we'll see more information in the next development report, which might as well be months away
  3. I'm experiencing the same problem. The IHADSS display position is a strangely high. If I want to read the heading at the very top of the display I almost have to roll my eyes into the back of my head.
  4. Нужно выключить упрощенная динамика и упрощенная авионика
  5. Упрощённая динамика - выкл?
  6. Watch past 0:14 mark. It's a real issue where Petrovich' vision seems to be based on time rather than target visibility.
  7. Some of his voice lines are already referenced in the game files and give a good idea of what functionality we can expect. Looks like he can spot type of unit (or smoke), heading, approximate distance and unit group size. I wonder if 'Op_Launch_1' is in reference to a SAM launch.
  8. I found a mirror of the removed video on Facebook. Petrovich at 4:40 https://www.facebook.com/eagle.dynamics/videos/497238244920919
  9. I believe it was in Wags' simplified cold start video that has since been removed. You could hear Petrovich spot a truck while still on the runway.
  10. Mi-24 door gunner will have the same multicrew functionality as the Huey, confirmed by Bignewy on Discord
  11. +1, really hoping that we'll finally be able to bring another friend with us
  12. Jun

    The R-60s.

    That's a Czech Mi-24D and it's the only picture (that I know of) with R-60 in this configuration. Mi-24V&P carried one R-60 under each central pylon mounted on APU-60-1 or two under each central pylon on APU-60-2. Apparently the Mi-24 requires a small modification before the use of R-60 (see quote below), I believe this modification only applies to the pylons and the systems for deploying R-60 are already in the cockpit.
  13. You need to press to the side of the switch in the direction of the mode you want to enable.
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