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  1. Yes. Also it currently has the best seeker in the game even tho its super old compared to 120C.
  2. ED said this is correct as is. F-16 only donates a bugged target. Not system or tracked targets. So you can only donate one target at a time. It sucks but it is what it is.
  3. So it is a bug and should work how i described?
  4. Hey, so with new update on OB in our 16's when there is no awacs we are not able to share TWS Tracked Targets by datalink to our wingmans. You should be able to provide max. 10 targets to complete picture right? But now it seems that my friends only see the target I have bugged but nothing else. Is this a bug, correct or we are forgetting something?
  5. Don't know. i feel like at least when you get into notch and missile looses track, it should pick up chaff.
  6. 2 patches ago fox3's (especially amraams) were very chaff hungry and went for the chaff all the time when it shouldn't. Chaff resistance has been buffed, but now it is in the point where fox3 does not go for the chaff at all. Even when you are dropping chaff and go into or through the notch missiles just dont care about chaff now under any conditions. Aim54's which is really old missile now also do not care about chaff. There is now no point carrying any chaff. Maybe the chaff resistance numbers should be revisited cos the buff was overdone?
  7. This is pretty self explanatory. Runway hit buy a bomb. When you go over crater, you go under the map. https://streamable.com/g01ofn
  8. Hello, So at the last open beta aim120 B and C are very easy to notch. Also their chaff resistance is basically non-existent. They pull too much lead and themselves put away from seeker cone. I don't even remember when i got shot down from aim120 in last patch. If you do a basic sliceback and notch the missile for a split second it looses track. Also it pulls so much lead to intercept course when it basically itself puts a target of its now 15 degrees fov cone. In reality, these missiles are pretty smart and now in DCS its easier to notch amraam than phoenix. Will supply tacviews in few hours for now you can take a look here https://m.twitch.tv/videos/867271647 ... So many notched missiles even when notch is very poor / even not a notch. The caster himself said notching is not accurate in this patch
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