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  1. Totally agree with Hummels. I expected the long distances to drag on but instead enjoyed every minute!
  2. I have the same problem, have to disassemble the base once every month to reseat the connections.
  3. I found that I got stuck in the last couple of missions, and would recommend that others try the mod. The problem in the last mission is that units are hidden deep in the forest and undetectable with the Shkval.
  4. I just wanted to emphasis this. Coming from Rift S, the Reverb G2 gives an incredible bump in sound and picture quality. But WMR is a whole new world of pain that makes you realize just how solid Oculus software really is.
  5. What happened to the WWII kickstarter link in the DCS user profile page? I'm pretty sure the new Mossie is not included in this but wanted to confirm. Also, I want my T-shirt!
  6. Comes, be sure you land on the same helipad that you took off from (the center one).
  7. Just wanted to add my thanks. This is a great campaign with lots of variety and detail. And rock solid! I haven't encountered a single bug or glitched trigger. The only times I got stuck were because of my own misunderstanding or incompetence. Sometimes it sure felt like a lot of work, but finishing each mission is incredibly rewarding. The weather and lighting made that last mission especially unique. Well done!
  8. I'm surprised that Pandemic seems to be one of the less popular campaigns. Having just finished it, I quite liked it. You get to see the PG map up close in glorious detail, and the mission variety is outstanding. Having also played Medvedev II and Deployment, I'd say Pandemic is my favorite.
  9. OK, that's the kind of thing I was looking for. Thanks! I see this is actually an upgrade kit from the Mk2 to the Mk3. What are the benefits of the upgrade? I'm curious but couldn't find anything on the website.
  10. Thanks for the reply. That's exactly what I'm referring to; it's how I temporarily resolve it. Why should the connector keep coming loose every month or so? Is there a replacement subcomponent I could buy from VKB to correct this? I don't see that anything is pulling on the wires. Thanks.
  11. My follow-on question would be, how do you get the "Ready for taxi" prompt to occur? I've started my heli and switched on everything I could see as shown in the video above but nothing happens. What's the magic formula? I love a detailed campaign, but at the same time hate chasing triggers! UPDATE: Well, I managed by just barging my way onto the runway. Then I got permission to take off, and then, permission to taxi to runway. Might I add, it's great so see a fantastic terrain that is not the Caucasus! lol UPDATE2: Trigger for permission to take off seems to be to raise the collective a little. OK.
  12. I've been locked out of my VKB account so hoping someone here can help. Has the issue with X axis spiking on the Gunfighter Mk II base ever been permanently resolved? It's very frustrating to have to go through this procedure every 4-6 weeks. http://forum.vkb-sim.pro/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=3235 Any new info would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Does deployment work out of the box in 2.7, or do we still need to patch it?
  14. Nice. Is this campaign working out of the box in 2.7, or do we still need to apply the patch https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308753/?
  15. Thanks for looking into this, I'll try again tonight without putting forward pressure.
  16. For this mission I get fenced in and then lined up for my bombing run on the red smoke. The problem is, my bombs detonate as soon as I release them, destroying the aircraft. Fusing set to Nose, this happened 3 times in a row. Release is between 2000 and 2500'. Has this happened to others? Any idea what I might be missing?
  17. I'm at a loss for strategy. You can't fly directly into the barrel of a AAA battery without getting swiss cheesed. Once you pop the ridge they can literally see you a mile away, and you need to deploy at point blank range whether with bombs or rockets. EDIT: Did it. Finally managed to get to the AO as a full flight of 4! Came in on the first target from higher altitude at 400 kts and hammered them with bombs. Then swung around the mountain side to hit the other with rockets. Speed is life. They still got me though, and blew the shit out of my fuel tanks. I promptly ran out of gas and then belly landed in a field. Mission Complete!
  18. I was just about to mention this too. The last few missions are stupendously hard simply because I leave base with 3 wingmen and only 1 makes it to the AO without crashing! I know this is a function of the engine and not this campaign, it it's a real shame that the flaky AI interferes with other developers' hard work.
  19. I refuse to give up, I've waiting too long for this. Thanks, having that additional information really helps. Calling "Engage Rejoin/Mission" also seems to take some pressure off.
  20. I'm having a hell of a time with it as well, following the same procedure as sthompson. Dropping bombs first is suicide, yet carrying them through on a rocket run is so very cumbersome on the plane. I'm really enjoying this fantastic campaign, but having to fly so many missions 10+ times is just eating far to much of my real world time.
  21. Sweet, love the reflections!
  22. With average headphones you probably won't notice any difference. However, with a nice set of cans (I use Kingston HyperX Cloud) there's a huge improvement using the Sound Blaster Z over integrated motherboard sound. Especially if you combine with the Buttkicker. ;)
  23. I just tried to download the latest update of SSA but the OneDrive folder in the link is empty. It only contains an empty subdirectory "Previous Version". Do I need to do something special to see the actual files?
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