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  1. As said in the title, on mission 8 (the dam attack), the starting loadout gives you one AIM-9 and one training missiles on the tips of your wings. I guess it's a mistake and it should be two AIM-9s. It doesn't prevent from completing the mission however as there are no airborne threats
  2. So I flew more than 15 times on this campaign and didn't complete mission 4, here's why I'm so slow and why it's the most frustrating experience I had with DCs so far. I'm just gonna list all the problems I had so they can be fixed in the future : Firs of all, the harrier bugs, I know it's not Eagle86's fault but it's killing a lot of the fun : - Wheel chocks need to be removed before engine start - Possibility to lock the IRMAV system and they can't be fired anymore - Rockets pods loaded in mission one aren't on the plane anymore - Wingman not being able to take off sometimes - LOUD NOISES with the RWR and the incessant warnings (yes I know we are low altitude I JUST TOOK OFF) - Moving target track is trash if you have street lamps in the way (killing convoy in mission 4 is so hard with laser guided weapons and you can't approach with rockets due to strella) Secondly, there are all the little details that I found in the missions that aren't a big deal when I list them, but when you do the mission for the 1st time they'll make you bang your head on the wall - 1st mission : if you don't know exactly what DCS mission editor calls a "garage" you might attack the 2 "hangar" and wonder why the mission doesn't go forward and you'll lose due to the time limit - 1st mission : when they ask ou to support ground troops and it's just a few soldiers running around, théy're hard to spot if you don't know what you're searching for (you can think they're allies through the TPOD) and risk killing friendly forces - 2nd mission : using the coordinate's with the TPOD is a pain in the ass and it takes a long time to spot the 3 groups of ennemy without using the F10 map. Especially because on is really far from the others and near the silkworms, I wasn't searching in that area at all - 2nd mission : wingman killing himself on AAA every time - 3rd mission : good mission but the helo bug prevents me from completing it, it's already been reported though - 4th mission : everything starts well except when you get the coordinates from the drone, it's way less problematic than mission 2 tho. They're easy to spot from low altitude but my next point will explain why tha's not a good point - 4th mission : THE F****** STRELLA !!! They tell you to go to 2000fts but you have strellas and manpads in this mission, how are you supposed to see them the first time you're playing it??? You can't bomb the convoy due to TPOD tracking bug, you can't approach to rocket them, and your wingman is just so bad at evading the SA-13. That's the perfect example of why I got so frustrated dying the first time because I followed what the JTAC said and just died because I didn't had any idea there could be a threat there. - Minor typos in most briefings The campaign is for me just a die and retry for me due to all the problems and I really don't like that feeling. I was really hyped for the campaign and if I played each mission more than three times it's because I really like what this campaign brings to DCS and it's a really good mix between arcade and realism. I hope it'll be fixed cause I want more content like this in the future. Still, congrats to Eagle86 and every other person involved, it's an amazing campaign and I'm looking for your next project !
  3. I just played the mission and I think I found the problem : With the lastest patch, the INS aignement is really fast but the degradation is also horrendous (points are to the compared to F10 map south-west). I went to WP4 following my INS and didn't got any message. I stayed in CAP for around 45min before going RTB, At that moment, I went a bit north to get a visual check on Metal flight. At that moment I got the F10 option to commence CAP. I think the issue has to do with the fact that you don't go over the trigger zone due to your INS giving you wrong informations, I sadly had to discover the amazing dialog when going back to base
  4. Update on the problem : I tried mission 5 and everything worked perfectly. Only thing I changed was to activate both the main and external fuel tanks at the same time during flight. It seems that you can't use the external fuel tank only when flying high altitude. I can now enjoy those nice missions. Thanks again for the great campaign !
  5. Fuel pump was on and the supercharger butto was on auto (down) position
  6. I ended up using full throttle and ful rpm to try to climb and even that wasn't enough to reach the required altitude
  7. The campaign seems amazing and I really want to enjoy it as I really enjoyed the 109's campaign. But I unfortunatly can't complete any of the missions properly. I have such a hard time reaching 25.000 fts without my engine cutting off for some unknown reason. At mission 4 I can't even reach 30.000fts, I tries 6 times and it's just not possible for me I made sure to activate the electric pump, the fuel tank pressure, the pitot heat, I tried with different throttle positions and by climbing fast or slowly. I couldn't manage to reach 30.000 and couldn't go for the "hun" I can't finish the mission, even when trying my hardest and I just fell like I'm wasting time trying again and again. I had this problem in pretty much all the missions by now and it's a shame I'm ending up editing my logbook.lua file to discover the rest of the campaign. Is there anything wrong with the spitfire right now ? Is it about my settings ? A button I missed ?
  8. Thanks, I managed to find out my problem by going into the mission editor. I was attacking the two hangars and not the two garages ! From the skies, i didn't recognised the garages as such and thought that they were just airfield building belonging to the map and not assets. I hope I'm the only one that go confused by this. Thanks for the campaign, it's amazing to finally have a campaign for this plane and the radio system to progress and locate the ennemies is really awesome. Good job sir PS : my wingmen crashed as I landed on the Tarawa. I belive it has to do with DCS core scripts but i'm still addig it here
  9. I've now tried it 6 times and I still can't understand what the objectives at the airfield are. Do I need to destroy the garages ? Is it only the 2 low res garages ? Do I need to destroy the 4 apc and 2 tanks that spawn after some time ? if yes the the ammunition is pretty short How can I know I have destroyed enough assets on the airfield and go to the port ? Everytime, I try to destroy all the assets at the airfield and the 2 garages, I run out of ammo before killing everything and the general arrives and the mission is lost (there was still 2 tanks and 1 apc, how bad is this general ?) I think I need help understanding what I should do
  10. I'm doing the campaign and during the night mission, the NS430 is blinding the instruments panel when using NVG. Could there be an option to take it off from the gazelle with the ground crew like the 109's flare gun. It's a really nice module but it's hard to fly at night with the integrated NS430
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