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  1. It's visible in the clip, and I get the exact same thing (flat-screen with TrackIR, I don't have VR). It's interesting that it doesn't look bad in the clip, but it's really jarring when it's tracking your head. As others have said, the TADS is very smooth. Additionally, there is no stuttering of anything else when looking around at night or during the day - only the PNVS box. You can look ad the MPD displays in the clip to see that nothing else is stuttering, only the PNVS display. I wonder if it's caused by one turning their head slower than the max slew rate of the PNVS, so it moves to my current head position as fast as it can and then stops, again and again very rapidly? I don't notice stutter if I happen to turn my head faster than the PNVS can turn (which is not easy).
  2. Feel free to ping me on discord anytime! The wiki for ViLA has some information, but I'll be the first to admit it's not foolproof and plenty of information is glossed over or missing (I'm no technical writer).
  3. Can confirm, I've seen this behavior as well. There's actually a space so it's formatted as "29: 4" currently iirc, but yeah seems like it should be "29:04"
  4. It's probably worth moving this to the bugs section or creating a new post there reporting the bug to make sure ED is tracking it.
  5. As always, trk files help with any bug reports. Mine was from a 2 hour session in a pretty large mission and I don't even remember where it happened so I'm not sure how helpful it would be to ED (plus we ran into quite a few bugs in that mission - turns out if your cpg disconnects and rejoins your ammo resets lol, may have had something to do with me activating George in the interim), but if you have an isolated demonstration I'm sure it would be really helpful.
  6. For what it's worth, I experienced this exact same thing with my CPG yesterday. He set a new direct to and while everything updated on his end, nothing updated on my end. It seems to be hit or miss as it has worked previously, just not for us in that session apparently. To clarify, we were both in Nav phase and I was in transition mode.
  7. I believe this is a known issue listed in the changelog.
  8. It sounds to me like this isn't a bug, but rather a "feature" of the airframe, correct? I know whenever you go into the external view for an aircraft you can see the rpm, torque (I think?), and airspeed. Does SSA not use that data? I think dcs-bios exposes that stuff so there must be some way of accessing it right? Or are you saying the module isn't exporting that data? I'll dig around in the luas and see if I can find anything, but yeah given the lack of instruments I'm guessing it will be pretty limited.
  9. Reminder that you can donate to @f4l0 (message them for a paypal link) Thanks for all your hard work f4l0! DCS just isn't the same without SSA.
  10. I may be a bit biased since I wrote the thing but the feedback I've seen so far is as follows: Setup and configuration can be difficult. A lot of people ask me for help in the discord channel on regarding one or both of those items. I understand why people have trouble - it's not the most straightforward process at present. The problems are typically some combination of: Which version of dcs-bios to use Some select virpil devices requiring specific configuration in the VPC configuration tool (no idea why, fix your firmware virpil) Confusion over how to install a plugin Confusion over how to make your own configuration Once people are set up and configured, I generally don't hear from them again. At least, nobody comes back with issues. There are quite a few people in the discord server so you might be able to ask around for feedback in there too. https://discord.gg/rWAF3AdsKT
  11. There's a link in the readme on github, but I'll post it here too in case anybody else comes looking https://discord.gg/rWAF3AdsKT
  12. It's tempting. I want to handle giving ViLA a proper UI first. I only just recently got an alpha build up for more complex AND/OR/etc conditionals, so I'm a bit behind currently. I'm not an expert programmer either. Don't let that stop you from trying!
  13. Than you for writing this up! Everything in there looks correct to me. Sometimes it helps to have multiple people write up guides. I don't claim to be a technical writer in any capacity - I'm a developer, and we're known for being notoriously bad at documenting You're correct that the original dcs-bios does not work. When I wrote TouchDCS I wrote it with support for both in mind, but it turns out the original dcs-bios hasn't been updated in years and some things just don't work with it. To my knowledge the flightpanels fork is the only currently up-to-date version. It's also worth noting that while it doesn't have the hub, it does have a "control reference panel" or whatever they call it that still shows you all of the outputs from dcs-bios, which is very helpful when making custom layouts. All this to say, I'm glad you got it working and hope you enjoy! We've got more layouts in the discord server (many shared by other community members) and if you make your own layout I'd love to see it posted there too, no pressure though
  14. Great question! That's not something I've ever even thought of. I don't know how iCue broadcasts its current settings, but now you've got me wondering... The short answer is currently, no. However, the application is designed to be extensible via plugins so if somebody wanted to write a plugin it could be possible. iCue might be designed for only corsair products though, but perhaps OpenRGB would work? https://openrgb.org/ I'd love to attempt this at some point. It's worth noting, however, that the color space you have access to is very limited - there are only 64 colors you can choose from. Unfortunately there's no way to assign anything more granular with the current protocol.
  15. I mean I suppose it doesn't require one but I don't see the point in using a mouse or whatever to interface with it. Maybe it will help if I break down the components. On your pc (where you run DCS), you'll also run TouchDCS. TouchDCS is a small executable file (written by me) that will communicate with devices running TouchOSC (which I'll discuss next) and DCS-BIOS (also set up on your machine). TouchOSC is an application that can run on just about any device - you'd likely want to run it on a tablet (iPad/Android tablet/etc) but I have seen some people ask about running it on a Surface or other device - that is also supported. I neither develop nor maintain TouchOSC - however I do often make feature requests and provide feedback to the developers and they have been very receptive. TouchOSC costs $10 (iirc) in the App Store and on Google Play. The desktop version of the application costs $15 I believe, but you can use it without a license - you'll just see an annoying popup every time you start the application. As an aside, if anybody comes across this, I'd highly recommend purchasing the desktop application if you can afford it and use it - the TouchOSC devs have just been great and deserve all of the support they can get! You'll build your layouts in TouchOSC, and then configure it to talk to TouchDCS. From there, you can use your tablet, phone, or other device to interact with the aircraft just like if it were an actual panel. It has two-way sync, so the state of your aircraft is also represented on your tablet (e.g. I made a fully-functional A-10 CDU layout). There is a little bit more info as well as some layout screenshots from a hornet UFC and IFEI that I made here https://github.com/charliefoxtwo/TouchDCS/wiki Let me know if that helps or not.
  16. Yeah we definitely accomplish different goals, and DCS UFC has a lot of benefits. TouchDCS is more about building yourself a custom layout. You shouldn't need any coding or image editing skills to build a layout. The TouchOSC application is a drag-and-drop wysiwyg editor that makes it really easy to build layouts. You can take advantage of the lua scripting it offers for even greater control, but it's really not necessary in most cases. Man, I wish I could output displays. Getting that working would depend on a lot of factors, so while I'd love to do it I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you Text displays are no problem though, I built a layout of the A-10 CDU and the Hornet UFC.
  17. I'm really glad you're getting some good use out of it! FWIW, I do think DCS UFC is a cool tool and I don't think TouchDCS is a replacement for it - I think we accomplish different things. TouchDCS is, as you touched (heh) on, all about flexibility in creating the best layout for yourself. I like to think it's pretty simple to do, and as a bonus TouchOSC also offers a lot of more advanced features with things like scripting, etc that really allow you to dive deep.
  18. Sorry I haven't been active on the forums lately. As you've found, I'm far more active on github and discord What sort of aircraft would you be looking for templates for? It's probably not feasible for me to template all of them - I think your best bet is just to ask me how I did things, and I'm more than happy to dig in to what I did and how you can do the same thing
  19. Oh man, sorry I missed this! Seems like it's perhaps looking for the DCSBiosReader plugin but couldn't find it? If you didn't install it, you can download it here https://github.com /charliefoxtwo/ViLA-DCS-BIOS-Reader fwiw I'm much more active in my discord https://discord.gg/rWAF3AdsKT
  20. On the one hand, you're right. On the other hand, this excitement helps people realize the value that his free software currently provides, and encourages them to donate (myself included!). It's easy to forget about things when you use them every day. Not saying we should all be getting super crazy about it, but what I am saying is I hope this craze gets f4l0 some well-earned donations
  21. In addition to @RealDCSpilot's response, I'll pitch in too. Feel free to use the money for Dcs modules, or beer, or something else. Shoot me a PM with where to send the money.
  22. I second that. I'm dying without SimShaker in the Hind. Is there any way to just fall back to the defaults if the detected aircraft is not recognized? I miss it in the T-45 and A-4 as well, and then we wouldn't have to wait for an update every time a new aircraft is released. I'm sure it's more complicated than I think it is, but just a thought
  23. TO 1F-5E-1 details instrument approaches with diagrams on pages 2-19 thru 2-22 (TACAN, radar, VOR, and ILS approaches). I know linking manuals is dicey on this forum; not quite sure what the rules are about screenshots from them (probably the same), but a quick google search shows somebody has uploaded it to the DCS user files so it should be pretty easy to find.
  24. Hey everybody, just a quick update - the latest version of TouchOSC is out now, which means my application, TouchDCS, is also officially out now!
  25. This bug has been around for a while and I really hope they fix it soon.
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