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  1. Nothing wrong in fact, just a bad configuration in the ME. The attack task was set on the same WP as the target, switching to WP 0 solve the problem.
  2. Hello, I'have some problem with the Sea Eagle missile; every time I try to use it, the missile self destructed in mid air few seconds after launch. Is their a known bug ? The harpoon is in the same state, is it related ?
  3. The reduction is only when the jammer is active. Your point is how to use HTS to pinpoint the location of the emitter for the TGP ?
  4. Hi, To get a better resolution you need to go 45° - 90° from the source, if you go straight to the emitter the system can't pinpoint the radar effectively.
  5. Hi, Seems like each mission so far the standard configuration is HTS pod + TPOD + ECM pod, just want to know if this configuration is a standard one for exercises like RF or it's for gameplay purpose only. Thx.
  6. Are you sure, that TPOD is you primary sensor (SSS down twice) ? You seem to be in INS.
  7. Hello, Can you tell how to use this new feature ? Steerpoint Selection HOTAS EDIT : just found that you can't select steerpoint using HSD page don't know if this is the same feature
  8. Hi, I have switch from a Razer Kraken to a BlackShark V2 with razer USB sound card and I've some difficulties to calibrate it for an optimal audio experience. My first impression is that all the communications are quieter, interacting with wingmen and ATC is a pain. Can you give me some tips to improve my audio settings ? Thx.
  9. Added a Syrian version SA-5 (S-200) with a 3D-radar ST-68U, TIR and launchers.
  10. Hi, I'm dreaming of a feature which could allow pilots to write notes on kneeboard pages (new ones or existing ones). Or at least in the ME a simple editor to create custom pages. In the current state if you want to keep the immersion you have to use a third part program to create pages, play your mission, stop the game, edit the pages, start the game, etc...
  11. The AGM-65E can be use in self-designation mode : "Functional Description. The AGM-65E is an electro-optically guided, rocketpropelled, air-to-ground missile. After launch, the AGM-65E provides automatic missile homing on coded laser energy reflecting from a target. The laser designator may be a ground device, either hand-held or tripod mounted; or it may be a stabilized airborne device, either on a separate aircraft or the launching aircraft. The AGM-65E employs the MAW with a selectable delay fuze." https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/library/policy/navy/ntsp/agm-65-d_2002.pdf For the E2 or L : "To address the operational need for a TACAIR forward-firing missile, 500 legacy AGM-65F Infrared (IR) Mavericks will be purchased from the USAF and converted into modernized AGM-65E2 Laser Mavericks. These conversions will nearly double the current inventory of Laser Mavericks. The AGM-65E2 seeker provides F/A-18F and AV-8B with increased self-designation capability, greater chance of laser spot re-acquisition if lost due to obscurants, and a more accurate laser spot scan than the AGM-65E seeker." The major difference between the two version is the re-acquisition, for the E If the missile loses laser spot it goes ballistic and flies up and over target -- the warhead does not explode, but becomes a dud.
  12. Thx for your advise, I've tested the extra-heavy springs but for a desktop use it's clearly to much, the base is flipping. I'm going for the heavy ones.
  13. Hello, Can you give me some advice on which springs to use on WarBRD base with a TM F-16/Warthog Stick. I've read that the default ones are to soft for the weight of the stick to set correct center position. Thanks.
  14. Your point is a valid one in a open market but in this case the impact is very limited. If you want to fly a certain plane you have to stick with a certain team no other chose. The real problem lies in the affectation of modules to the respective teams, for example RB have to many projects in their hands to provide the quality expect by the community.
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