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  1. Hello, I just came across a little bug. When you eject with afterburner engaged, and the pilotless jet runs out of fuel, the engines will shut down but the afterburner remains on. Track included. f14afterburner.trk
  2. Morrov


    I believe they want to make sure seat switching works properly first before implementing multicrew, that's what I remember reading here on the forums a while ago
  3. Pre-orders would be starting very soon if it were to release in April
  4. But we can already jump between the seats in the Mosquito in both MP and SP, so surely they know how to make it work.
  5. I believe that this is not a valid configuation of weapons, the Hind has some physical limitations on what combination of weapons it can carry. It's best to stick to the pre-made configurations if you're not sure what works and what doesn't, as these are compatible with the Hind's systems.
  6. XPlane has a plugin, made by a third party developer for free use that has functioning window wipers. The effect is not perfect, but if a single person can create this, I'm sure ED could do so as well.
  7. I don't have FFB, but when I try to trim by just tapping the button, I can see the stick jump a bit. Doesn't seem to happen when holding the button through the entire movement, which is very useful.
  8. Try to hold the trim button, then move the cyclic to a desired spot and release it, instead of tapping it where you need it. It seems to disconnect the autopilots when you hold the button, and it doesn't give you this jolt when you let go of it. Also, the hat switch trimmer is super useful.
  9. I was curious about the hover mode a few days ago, and it does seem to work fairly well. You just need to trim it good, otherwise with too much movement it will disconnect.
  10. A curve of 15 on both axis works for me. Still a bit twitchy, but in a way that doesn't bother me and feels "right".
  11. In the rearming menu, you can select the type of ammo you want, no tracer bullets included
  12. Is it? I think it's a legitimate thing to say, the trials are supposed to be there for people to try the thing before buying.
  13. Would be great to have an option in the special settings to bypass the safety covers
  14. Trun on the UV light, a switch on the right electical panel, where you turn the nav lights on. It will energise and light up all the glow in the dark instruments, it's really cool.
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