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  1. George will fire at friendly units instead of identifying them.
  2. Hi, AFAIK ever ytime you start the Chopper everything will be fine and dandy - so basically checklist-checks like lights-test or engine-fire-test are totally pointless because nothing is ever wrong/broken anyways. Therefore I'd like to ask for some (configurable) "Problem"-Generator (before and In-Flight) to force you doing the pre-flight checks right or you might miss something. I know that's a little bit of a "Hardcore" feature but I think a variety of virtual Pilots would appreciate that, as it creates another level of challenge. Regards Hawk
  3. To enable broad adoption of DCS Voice, it would be imperative to provide an external API/Interface for third party such as LotATC. The third party providers add so much depth to the game, ED would be wise to support the enthusiasm of several developers that bring functionality ED simply cant easily bring. SRS vs. DCS Voice is one of the best examples. CTLD, CSAR, LotATC all big leaps in gameplay that keep a lot of players engaged and cost ED (AFAIK) next to nothing.
  4. Thanks for the comments. Yes - the Simpit would have to be "relatively perfect" in terms of the placement and size of the controls - that is a major challenge but IMHO it is doable if you take the DCS 3D Data as a reference - as a template. I guess the professional/military VR simulators are doing something like that already. For the alignment there are basically two options: 1. place the VR headset 2. the inside-out cameras of the headset have some kind of visual marker to sync 2. b) the inside-out cameras of the headset use object tracking (analog to some AR applications) to sync The AR or indirect AR (VR with camera) approach is also interesting, will IMHO though not be as immersive. BUT I totally agree - would eliminate the "perfect" requirement and thus be much more flexible. Interesting discussion - tnx guys!
  5. It would be great for VR to have a way of synchronizing the location of the Sim-Pit with the VR-Cockpit, so buttons would be in the correct position if you reach for them in VR.
  6. Thanks for the clarification! Much appreciated! Can you say something about effective range and dispersion?
  7. So cool - tnx for testing man! Love it. Only the burning, not there anymore wires are awkward ... Why have I never testet that myselfe? Maybe DCS is so realistic that I never dared ...
  8. thats a GREAT video - I never tried that but always wanted to know. Does it work on the Huey as well?
  9. I said it earlier - I doubt flechettes are overly effective. Flechettes don't perform good in shotguns. I only found one Vietnam Video with some Hydra Flechette footage. the Impact on those ammunition crates doesnt look very impressive to be honest ... This one is a little more impressive - but it still doesnt convince me ... the spread seems pretty small and the penetration power is not clear to me. This guy says the hydras with flechettes ARE effective but "only" can reference british pilot liking them. Anybody here that actually ever shot a flechette and can report on the actual damage? Pardon my english.
  10. my problem is - I dont have the F18 nor any module that has a map, so its hard for me to imagine.
  11. Hi! I undestand the Apache has a rolling map accessible via the MFDs. What Quality and Detail do these Maps usually have (not "F10" I guess)? Is Datalink Info displayed as well in the maps?
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