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  1. Current stable release virtually not playable with the F14. Hope, Heatblur/ED can figure out the problem soon. Meantime i'm out of my squadron.
  2. Same here (and better ) As an example: F-14 dogfight caucasus mission, beta and stable side by side on same rig and ssd. Both version updated to latest release and file-checked. No mods. Stable: < 1 min Beta: 17 (!) minutes
  3. Maybe this is helpful: I played the beta without the second-mission crash on Windows 10 V1909, but had a freeze on mission loading screen several times. I updated to Windows 10 V20H2 (Inplace-Upgrade). No other updates / no driver updates. Now with V20H2 i get the 2nd-mission-crash *every* time, i play the game.
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