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  1. In this case, it is not quite so simple. In the "real" head position, the HUD displays are rendered incorrectly. They are only displayed correctly for the "low" position.
  2. I am already very excited about the pilot body. I wonder if it might be a bit confusing in VR, since the camera sits a bit lower than the actual head position.
  3. @NineLine @BIGNEWY Any comment? Are you working on it?
  4. I could not get used to it. This small change would massively improve the VR experience
  5. Sounds great! Does the next patch already include the rework of the ACLS mode?
  6. It would be so great if we could go through more checklists with jester. Similar to the assistant startup. For taxi, take-off, landing....
  7. If the wings are not completely horizontal, there will be an abrupt downward movement when the GT mode is activated in conjunction with ALT HLD. This happens even with a minimum climb rate or with zero climb rate. And yes, its also beyond 450 KIAS. In addition, I noticed that the HDG mode does not seem to work. Can anyone confirm this?
  8. Any idea what they mean with visual improvements?
  9. Hmm, there may not be a way to get fuel into the tanks (wings and ext) but the option of which tanks to take fuel from. It is possible to choose whether fuel is taken from the central or external tanks first. So maybe also from which side?? That would be enough to compensate for an imbalance. Otherwise, I honestly don't see the point of the switch.
  10. What I still don't quite understand is. The manual talks about left and right tanks. But what is meant by this? Does this also include the wing tanks and external tanks? In order to compensate for an imbalance, that would make sense, wouldn't it?
  11. A 27 4k monitor has round about 105 ppd. The ppd of a G2 is between a 1280x720p and 640x480 resolution. Also a 30 ppd is far away from 1080p
  12. If you activate the ALT HLD or GT mode separately, the AP works fine, but if you activate the GT mode and the ALT HLD mode at the same time, there is a significant oscillation up and down. Similar before the revision of the autopilot. At the same time, I would like to thank you here for the excellent work of the AP.
  13. Yeah we need a lot more possibilities for adaptation.
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