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  1. G'day ED, Problem statement: When taking 1st shot from STT and then "push button" to TWS, the missile "triangle", TTA, etc.. and LAR is not displayed on the B-scope. Follow-on shot in TWS to priority target #2 does display missile and LAR. Subsequent shots in TWS on both L&S & #2 targets (can't remember if it was DT2). This is repeatable. Please see the attached track. Thank you for your consideration. SavSTT to TWS shots.trk
  2. @philstyle I followed the install guide here: https://gitlab.com/znixian/OpenOVR/-/tree/openxr#downloading-and-installation. Effectively these are the steps I used today to install it (I was using 0.6.3, which I can explain if you want) However, : 1. I am using OvGME, so I created a mod folder "OpenComposite/bin to place it in the DCS "BIN" folder to include the 64-bit (required below) openvr_api.dll (https://znix.xyz/OpenComposite/download.php?arch=x64&branch=openxr). "Find your game's openvr_api.dll file (this is in the DCS/bin folder), and replace it (though I highly recommend keeping a copy of the old file if you want to switch back) with one of the DLLs available above. Be sure to get the matching platform - if the game is a 32-bit game you need the 32-bit DLL, even though you're probably running a 64-bit computer. Simple solution: if one doesn't work, try the other. 2. Download the OpenComposite Launcher. 3.Unzip it to a folder of your choosing (Used the OvGME folder I created, and run OpenComposite.exe. 4. Click 'Switch to OpenComposite', and wait while the DLLs are downloaded. Games will now run via OpenComposite rather than SteamVR."\ 5. Download OPENXR toolkit latest is 1.1.4 https://github.com/mbucchia/OpenXR-Toolkit/releases/tag/1.1.4 6. Install OPEN XR toolkit 7. Run OPEN XR toolkit, I changed the menu keys to CTL+ALT with the arrow keys. 8. I have a PIMAX, so needed the PIMAXXR latest is 0.2.0 https://github.com/mbucchia/Pimax-OpenXR/releases (not sure if you have a PIMAX or not) 9. Launch DCS and press the OPEN XR menu "down" key to open the menu and tune as required. *Note, the latest OpenComposite, OPENXR tool kit 1.1.4 and PIMAXXR 0.2.0 work together. I found using different versions eg 1.1.0 and 0.2.0 didn't work only 1.1.0 & 0.1.2. This video has a good explanation of the Open XR tool kit (relevant to DCS too): https://youtu.be/pihlOD6yhsM Good luck Sav
  3. G'day ED, When transitioning from STT to TWS through the push button the track file is lost until TWS "rebuilds" the track file. When employing missiles this causes the shot to be "lost". This is a similar but different bug to the previously reported MSI and TWS bugs. Thanks for looking into this bug. Sav STT push to TWS.trk
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