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  1. wbf1980au: can you tell me what script files went where? I think you may have missed a step. Good news is you get the splash screen, so you should be set in regards to capturing the device. Now we need to make sure info is flowing as planned.
  2. Sorry for late replies. In the great white north right now. will be a bit before I get back.
  3. I know how this works around here; No pictures/video it didn't happen. A little more details on the Youtubes,
  4. DO not use in game vsync. I will post my settings in a minute.
  5. Did I do something wrong or miss something? I got crossfire to work on my set up. Optimizing configurations now. Has anyone else got it to work as well? Got rid of the flickering but did not fly a lot yet.
  6. Is anyone still tinkering or using these Saitek/Logitech items? I have no clue as to what I want to do next.
  7. The only free aircraft are the SU-25 and the T-51 ( Civilian P-51 version) all else needs to be purchased.
  8. Cicuta, Have you looked at the first post? Try the instruction there and let me know how you do.
  9. Tyger, Sorry for late response. Simple answer is got to Spacedesk website and install. Then follow instructions here to make multimonitor setup:https://forums.eagle.ru/forumdisplay.php?f=138
  10. Being as stubborn as I am. I will dig into this more and see what can be done.
  11. I took a look at the scripts for the F-16. I see that the radios are tied into the ICP/DED. I am not sure if the X52Pro can display nor be programed to control the ICP. Is the F-14 and F-18 Radios similiar or are they like the A-10c and huey?
  12. UH oh !!!! Erforce What Saitek driver Version? Are you using Fips? Window update issue was resolved at last check ( Awhile ago.) have not checked since latest win 10 update.
  13. bad_turbulence, I have not forgotten just a bit busy here. Will be working on something shortly.
  14. Nope all good. I forgot you did mention only the throttle. The fip is the gauge display thingy. For you we can create a simple script for the f16. When that is done you will be able to create one for the f18.
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