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  1. You can change to a heavier spring if using an extension, or make it smoother by adding a small extension with the standard spring for greater moment. eBay has lots of mods to the Thrustmaster HOTAS system. If you are not totally satisfied with the Warthog, I am sure you can find a mod to improve it without buying another $500-$600 system. I was using a Real Simulator force sensitive sidestick and had a lot of fine control issues. I went back to the Warthog stick with a 4X spring an extension and then a short S extension. I mounted the system on the floor of my cockpit. The new system is buttery smooth and cost about $100 for the upgrade. I have now ordered a radar scanning rheostat mod that mounts to the TM Throttles and allows you to raise and lower the scanning. My point is while I am sure the Virpil is an excellent system. Many of us already own a TM system. Why spend so much money to replace what you already have for a small, if any, improvement when a couple mods for your existing stick will give you the same benefit for far less money.
  2. There are several YouTube videos on graphics settings for DCS. They will help you understand the "whys" of the different settings and how you might want to set them for your system. Here are a couple: I hope this helps. John
  3. Not only are you an engineer John, you are also a craftsman. The two aren't always found in the same package. Nice work.
  4. That is a good idea. Thank you. John
  5. Since purchasing a Reverb G2, I have found myself thinking of redesigning my cockpit to be more VR friendly. I purchased a set of Thrustmaster MFDs and I am thinking of using a add-on keypad for a UFCP. Is there software that will allow a windows keypad be used to send control button presses as a usb controller? I could then program the keys to send the 0-9 numbers and other key inputs to DCS. I have seen programs like XPADDER and Joy to Key. However, they make a joystick act like a keyboard. I want to make a keyboard work as joystick buttons. Anyone have any advice? Thanks, John
  6. I fly strictly VR (Reverb G2). I also have over 2800 RW flying hours. The only issue I have with the new clouds is that they are for the most part blown out. Turning down the Gamma just darkens the entire scene. Is there a way to lower the intensity or brightness of the clouds? This would give them more depth and contrast. The only jittering I see is when the program is loading. I just close my eyes or remove the headset until DCS is fully loaded. John
  7. Yes, I have a 2070S, which works well. I fly in VR with a Reverb G2 and love it. Since, I am building a new computer (i-10900) I would love to drop a 3080 in it. But, Alas! As you, I will not pay that much money for a GPU when I have one that works fine. John
  8. You must be an engineer or research scientist. That is a very meticulous and exacting procedure, which reminds me of a grad course on research methods that I took. To the OP. I am jealous that you got your hands on a RTX 3080. I have been looking for a 3080 for months. The only place they are in "stock" is eBay. And, my heart will not allow me to pay more for the GPU than the entire rest of the computer.
  9. I am sure I have. I have ten controllers currently attached to operate a simpit. Does this mean that every time I unplug a controller, for whatever reason, it will kill the profiles? John
  10. A big Sierra Hotel and thank you to anyone who had anything to do with creating this mod. It is wonderful. After four attempts I was able to make my first ever trap. ED should thank you too. This airplane got me to buy the Super Carrier.
  11. Disregard! I was able to get it working using the Repair procedure. John
  12. I recently upgraded to 2.7. Today, I was planning on buying the P-51D and Normandy map. However, i noticed the incompatible with Steam note. Since I use a Reverb G2 VR headset, which works through MS Mixed media and Steam, I decided to see if I could fly the TP-51. That would tell me if I could use the P-51D and Normandy map. I could not find the TP-51D in my aircraft list. Nor, does Flaming Cliffs3 show. I looked on Installed tab in the Modules section and neither show available for download. Are they working in 2.7? Or do I have some problem? Thanks, John
  13. I started RS Mapper this morning and discovered that it didn't load my profile. When I attempted to load the profile I got an error message. Looking at the profile in Notepad ++ doesn't show any obvious errors. Is there any way to recover this? I have a lot of time invested in the profile. I have attached the file Thanks, John F-16C.RSMapper
  14. My bad, do people still say that? I didn't see the center stick part.
  15. You might check out https://realsimulator.com/ John
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