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  1. What helps me is saving profiles in DCS for the devices I have that get mixed up. Then can fix it by reloading profiles in DCS and not having to rename files or mess with GUIDs.
  2. I spent that much to find out. Had wiggle issues using TM stick on FSSB that I could not solve. Bought a second TM grip, same thing. Bought the RS F16 grip and castle cup. It came in a nice wooden box. Attached it to the base.. really solid with no wiggle at all. Bonus with the RS grip I didn't realize until I used it is all the buttons are 5-way hats. Also it's really light, which along with the solid attachment makes it feel more responsive than the TM grip.
  3. I leave my throttles unlinked unless I am flying a single-engine jet. Warbirds I use each throttle separately for engine controls. Russian helicopters and Apache I use them for the throttle levers. I'm a bit surprised to read the responses of linking them even for twin-engine jets... as svsmokey mentioned, can walk the throttles for tiny adjustments that aren't gonna be possible with them linked. More realistic (for twin-engine jets), finer control, not any more difficult to move together than if they are linked.. what are the advantages of linking them that I am missing (or disadvantages of leaving them unlinked)?
  4. I added some axis commands for the A-10C as part of the keybinds project: https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds The files in the project are formatted for use with Quaggles mod: https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector Added commands for the A-10C: https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds/blob/main/InputCommands/A-10C_2/Input/A-10C_2/joystick/default.lua Axis commands added: axisCommands = { {action = 3013, cockpit_device_id = 38, name = _('Yaw Trim')}, {action = 3009, cockpit_device_id = 4, name = _('CMSP - Adjust Display Brightness')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 5, name = _('CMSC - Adjust Display Brightness')}, {action = 3007, cockpit_device_id = 5, name = _('CMSC - Volume Knob')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 37, name = _('Throttle Friction Control')}, {action = 3003, cockpit_device_id = 41, name = _('Environmental - Canopy Defog')}, {action = 3009, cockpit_device_id = 41, name = _('Environmental - Flow Level Control')}, {action = 3013, cockpit_device_id = 41, name = _('Environmental - Temp Level Control')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 35, name = _('Altimeter - Set Pressure (Relative)')}, {action = 3009, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Formation Lights')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Engine Instrument Lights')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Flight Instrument Lights')}, {action = 3003, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Auxiliary Instrument Lights')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Flood Lights')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Console Lights')}, {action = 3015, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Refuel Status Indexer Lights')}, {action = 3016, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Weapon Station Lights. No function')}, {action = 3018, cockpit_device_id = 49, name = _('Lighting Panel - Refueling Lighting Dial')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 45, name = _('HSI - Heading Set Knob (Relative)')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 45, name = _('HSI - Course Set Knob (Relative)')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 47, name = _('ADI - Pitch Trim Knob')}, {action = 3003, cockpit_device_id = 48, name = _('SAI - Standby ADI Knob rotary')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 74, name = _('TACAN - Audio Volume')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 52, name = _('Stall - Volume')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 52, name = _('Stall - Peak Volume')}, {action = 3011, cockpit_device_id = 54, name = _('UHF Radio - Volume')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 55, name = _('VHF/AM Radio - Volume')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 56, name = _('VHF/FM Radio - Volume')}, {action = 3002, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - INT Volume')}, {action = 3004, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - FM Volume')}, {action = 3006, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - VHF Volume')}, {action = 3008, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - UHF Volume')}, {action = 3010, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - AIM Volume')}, {action = 3012, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - IFF Volume')}, {action = 3014, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - ILS Volume')}, {action = 3016, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - TCN Volume')}, {action = 3018, cockpit_device_id = 58, name = _('Intercom - Master Volume')}, {action = 3005, cockpit_device_id = 44, name = _('HARS - Latitude Dial')}, {action = 3007, cockpit_device_id = 44, name = _('HARS - Push-to-sync rotary')}, {action = 3001, cockpit_device_id = 29, name = _('RWR - Display Brightness')}, {action = 3013, cockpit_device_id = 38, name = _('SAS - Yaw Trim')}, }
  5. Hmm, that's a bummer.. it feels like something else is going on though... I would think you'd have better frames than that with your hardware. There are people playing on enigmas with worse. Windows HAGS is off? DCS USB Hotplug option disabled? Temps ok where there is no throttling going on? Do you have the same issues on the hoggit training or gaw servers on caucasus? Deleted DCS fxo and metashader folder contents recently? I personally don't see a huge gap between SP & MP, unless the server is full or there is something heavy going on (like when the bombers drop on the industrial targets on enigmas).
  6. Also, I forgot to ask if you run your G2 at 90hz or 60hz? Running it at 60hz can help a lot. There can be a little bit of strobing at 60hz but it was worth it imo. I ran 60hz on my G2 before OpenXR helped enough where I bumped it back up to 90.
  7. Yeah, 3090 is a bit better. The extra VRAM does help. We aren't far off on CPU though. With your specs you should be able to get it running alright. I do get some sparkle/shimmer with MSAA off, but I've gotten used to it as the price for it being smoother. Also having aliasing off helps with spotting. Shimmer is not too bad at 100% render scale - probably a good amount of shimmer with MSAA off when you are running render scale at 70% though. Your settings look ok for the most part, but a few recommendations for you to try: OpenXR Toolkit - set reprojection to always on. In the OpenXR settings in-game, also try locking reprojection to 30fps. That should definitely smooth things out a bit. DCS Settings - Try with visibility range to High or Medium. Range has a big impact on CPU, and Ultra is asking a lot. I run High, and used to run Medium before I switched to OpenXR. Also try setting ground clutter negative per https://throughtheinferno.com/mod/remove-useless-ground-clutter-objects/
  8. I'm not too far off from your specs and have been happy with performance on Enigmas on Syria. 9700kf (oc'd to 4.8), 64GB, 3090, using a G2. Can you post screenshots of your DCS settings? Do you have your CPU overclocked? With DCS being so CPU-heavy, overclocking can make quite a difference. OpenXR helped me a lot. I run it at 100% resolution, and locked at 30fps. Then I have any settings that mention having a CPU impact turned down. Like Forest/Scenery detail factors set to 0.2, MSAA off (helps it look better but any aliasing hurts spotting), cockpit global illumination off, etc. A lesser known thing is also setting the ground clutter to a negative number. I mentioned that in the Enigma Discord and people reported gaining some fps. https://throughtheinferno.com/mod/remove-useless-ground-clutter-objects/
  9. If you're open to using a mod, some options for rio oxy are in the keybinds project: https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds/blob/8f050e850223b02a60454d4f703a5d63aeedee80/InputCommands/F14/Input/F-14B-RIO/joystick/default.lua#L60 -- Environment Control {cockpit_device_id = devices.COCKPITMECHANICS, down = device_commands.RIOOxygenOn, value_down = 0, name = _('Oxygen - OFF'), category = {_('Cockpit Mechanics'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.COCKPITMECHANICS, down = device_commands.RIOOxygenOn, value_down = 1, name = _('Oxygen - ON'), category = {_('Cockpit Mechanics'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.COCKPITMECHANICS, down = device_commands.RIOOxygenOn, up = device_commands.RIOOxygenOn, value_down = 0, value_up = 1, name = _('Oxygen - OFF else ON (2-way Switch)'), category = {_('Cockpit Mechanics'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.COCKPITMECHANICS, down = device_commands.RIOOxygenOn, up = device_commands.RIOOxygenOn, value_down = 1, value_up = 0, name = _('Oxygen - ON else OFF (2-way Switch)'), category = {_('Cockpit Mechanics'), _('Custom')}},
  10. Looks like when my post was quoted it combined the lines into 1 - there's 6 lines of code in there. Also, it might be good to use the community keybinds at least as a starting point - it's got different speeds setup for a lot of the knob/rotary controls already. It's up to like 60,000 lines of LUA of additional controls. https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds Also use Quaggles mod to store your custom keybinds (and as an easy way to use the ones from the keybinds project): https://github.com/Quaggles/dcs-input-command-injector/
  11. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but could we get "Next (Cycle)" commands for tabs and pages like VRK has? Then can just use 1 button to cycle through tabs/pages instead of needing to have next and prev assigned.
  12. Right on. I was more referring to how each encoder would work across the different DCS modules though. Like you could setup the encoder to be 1:1 for a rotary in the Huey and it be right where you want it with the speed, but then in the F-14 or another module the same rotary could be a different speed which might not work as well.
  13. Another option potentially available to you is with the DCS LUA files - you can adjust the values in the LUA files for the controls to tune how much the knob will move per detent. It does depend on whether the control in question is configured in the LUA to allow different values per input, but most of them do (some older modules lock in to a 1 value for some controls). Ad advantage with this approach is you can tune each control to work well with your encoders, instead of doing a blanket adjustment with your encoders or bodnar board that may not work well across all modules/controls. Here's an example from the keybinds project, with the radar altimeter knob in the F-14: {cockpit_device_id = devices.RADARALTIMETER, pressed = device_commands.RADARALT_Knob, value_pressed = -0.005, name = _('Radar Altimeter Knob - DECREASE (Slow)'), category = {_('Instrument Panel'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.RADARALTIMETER, pressed = device_commands.RADARALT_Knob, value_pressed = 0.005, name = _('Radar Altimeter Knob - INCREASE (Slow)'), category = {_('Instrument Panel'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.RADARALTIMETER, pressed = device_commands.RADARALT_Knob, value_pressed = -0.01, name = _('Radar Altimeter Knob - DECREASE'), category = {_('Instrument Panel'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.RADARALTIMETER, pressed = device_commands.RADARALT_Knob, value_pressed = 0.01, name = _('Radar Altimeter Knob - INCREASE'), category = {_('Instrument Panel'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.RADARALTIMETER, pressed = device_commands.RADARALT_Knob, value_pressed = -0.02, name = _('Radar Altimeter Knob - DECREASE (Fast)'), category = {_('Instrument Panel'), _('Custom')}}, {cockpit_device_id = devices.RADARALTIMETER, pressed = device_commands.RADARALT_Knob, value_pressed = 0.02, name = _('Radar Altimeter Knob - INCREASE (Fast)'), category = {_('Instrument Panel'), _('Custom')}}, Notice the slow/fast variations with the different values for value_pressed.. the value controls how much the knob moves per input event. So if you want a knob to move faster for each detent for your encoder, you can adjust the value in the lua to be higher. Keybinds project has different speeds setup for lots of controls across many modules. If you don't see speed options for the module/controls you're looking to use with your encoders, let me know and I can check into adding them. https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds
  14. I've got some different flap options setup in the keybinds project. I use the 'up/down else half' options with the WH throttle flaps lever. https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds/blob/8f050e850223b02a60454d4f703a5d63aeedee80/InputCommands/F14/Input/F-14B-Pilot/joystick/default.lua#L111
  15. Only thing mentioned is "Revert to using shader to do to inverted copy as using inverted FOV doesn't work with Oculus."
  16. Have you tried running the headset at 60hz and locking it at 30fps? Also try with civ traffic off, setting clutter/grass to 0, and turning down scenery/forest details factors.
  17. I had gotten pretty happy with how DCS was running on my machine, and was skeptical of trying this OpenXR approach. No way it can make a big improvement over how it was running, or so I thought. Tried it out last night and wow what a difference. Only downside is I'm gonna have to learn to fly without VRK until OpenKneeboard gets OpenXR support added.
  18. I'm not sure that is true. I've downed plenty of Hinds on Enigmas Cold War Server using sidewinders, flying F-5 and A-10A.
  19. In some cases it's useful to use profiles instead of backing up the Input directory. If any devices pull new device GUIDs, sometimes you'll have to go update the GUIDs for those files. Imo, profiles are easier - can just reload profile in game for devices that get switched around without having to rename files. In my case, I've got 5 HID devices that have the same device name (that can't be changed), and profiles make it much easier to address that when their device GUIDs change and they get mixed up. With profiles it also makes it easy to manage common binds between modules. Example would be if you update the A-10CII binds and save to profiles, can just load those profiles into A-10C and be good to go. I save all these files down for all my modules, and then periodically zip up the InputUserProfiles folder for snapshots.
  20. We're not too different on specs. I have a worse cpu with a 9700kf, but a ROG Strix 3090 and 64GB. Have been really happy with VR performance on all maps lately, even Marianas. I'd recommend moving clouds setting down from ultra (i run standard). Cockpit global illumination off. Visibility range to a max of High for sure. Clutter/Grass to 0 (I edited a lua to set it to -150000 per some post mentioning not everything gets removed at 0). Also try with forest/scenery details factor settings turned down (I do 0.1). If you mouseover the settings they have a tooltip mentioning CPU and/or GPU impact. Imo, you're asking too much of your CPU. Turn down anything that mentions CPU. Also try SSAA Off, MSAA 2x, and try moving your SteamVR SS up (not to 100% though.. tip.. the higher res you run, the tougher spotting is.. imo, need a balance there between clarity and spotting). I run general SteamVR SS at 150%, then per-application for DCS of 60%, for 2996 x 2928 resolution. Also in DCS per-application setting motion smoothing to force always on. Based on reports about how hungry DCS can be for VRAM, might be good trying your terrain textures at medium too. Also, if you can deal with the slight flicker, try the G2 at 60hz, with motion smoothing forced on to lock it at 30hz. A smooth 30 is better than a stuttery attempt at 45. This made a huge difference for me and reprojection rate.
  21. This is probably better option than a 20 year old Saitek: https://realsimulator.com/fssb-r3-lighting/ https://realsimulator.com/f-16-side-grips/ Expensive, but it is fantastic with the Viper.
  22. Just published a new release for the community keybinds project that includes some extra binds for the Apache: https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds/releases + AH-64D Apache: First pass at keybinds. Some of the _ITER controls just don't work, so nothing extra for video/brightness knobs for MFD's. I tried some of the other options in command_defs and no joy. Added fixed versions for parking brake handle pull/stow. Different speed options for all dials where the stock versions do work (some of them don't and will require fix from ED). For more details about the project see:
  23. I need the XS9-5 to XS9-5, not the XS9-5 to USB. I emailed support, and they suggested I buy one of the mounts to be able to position it closer (not an option for me). That might be true for USB devices, but for HID devices (joysticks, etc), in my experience the limit is 16.
  24. I'm confused, which page are we on? Is it less than 64?
  25. Being able to do Huey/Cobra vs Hip/Hind on cold war server would be amazing.
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