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  1. Hi everyone. Thank you in advance for your help. I need to clarify... I've ran a search for ANY/ALL *.acmi files anywhere on my computer. The result was zero (0). So again I'm wondering, where are the acmi files?
  2. Thank you guys for your responses. I have Tac View set up in DCS. I'm still don't understand how I get the ACMI files. If DCS generates a trk file and Tac View only plays ACMI, where is the ACMI file? BTW, just tried to use replay in DCS and the program stopped responding.
  3. I'm more than a little surprised that there is no mention anywhere that Tac view can not play *.trk files. So my questions are... - Why would DCS/Tac View create a file that isn't supported? - What needs to be done so I can use Tac view?
  4. I fly the F16. It has button/bind that allows you to go the full range of the throttle without going into AB. (Search "AB" or "Afterburner"). The downside to this is.. when the throttle is full forward and not in AB, if you want to go into AB you have to pull back the throttle a little, hit the AB button/bind to engage the AB and then go back to full forward. Make sure that the AB detent in the Controller/Options/Special section is in the "Always On" positon. Found this out the hard way. When I first bought the F16, I couldn't engage the AB at all. Msg'd ED about it with no reply. So I bought the F18 to see if I had the same problem and I didn't. On a similar note, the needle on the gauge does not go past 103% even though I'm in what I assume is full afterburner. I looked at the throttle handle in the cockpit and it does appear to be in the full forward position. (It's right up against the stop). Still, I'm not confident I'm in full AB. The exhaust nozzle isn't fully open. Though my fuel consumption would indicate full AB. We should be able to read a gauge and depend on it's accuracy. Have a similar problem using the Harm AGM. The sweep time is only four (4) seconds yet I I pick up targets In a variety of areas on the MFD. (Not just in the center, or left/right side.) I like DCS for a lot of reasons but I have to say, I don't recall having these irritants with BMS. Been a while since I used it. Fighting with the issues mentioned above and not being able to shoot AGM65s. (Numerous tutorials, read the manual etc.) I'm near the end of my rope. At the sake of repeating myself, I want to spend time with the sim, not these issues. Yes, it's a bitch. I look forward to your replys. I'd love to hear from someone at ED to discuss these issues or get clarification.
  5. I finally got it by signing in. I guess it makes sense that it needs to know who I am in order to make it available in the module manager. Would have been good to know. I thought they would have placed that in a cookie. Regardless, I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope others can benefit from my experience. However, prior to this, it still wasn't appearing "for sale" in the module manager. If it were my choice and being in the sales field, I'd have all products splashed everywhere. While I acknowledge my error by not signing in, I could have bought other products without signing in. Also, I am concerned with the posts I'm reading making it available only to open beta. I'll have to test this for myself but if true, I'm disappointed. This is very different than the pre-sale info indicating that you need 2.5.6. In addition, I want to spend time playing the sim instead of these irritants. I know every piece of software has it's bugs but... right now, I'm trying to figure out why the search time for the AGM-88 is only four (4) seconds. I've gone through three (3) tutorials, followed the steps to the letter and it's still not working properly. Sigh. Again, why?
  6. Wanted to buy the new Red Flag campaign (released Jan 29, 2020) for F16 but... there usually is a "Buy" button available. This is how I bought my last two (2) planes. Nor does it appear in the module mgr. as indicated. ?? Guys, I'm trying to give you $. Please make it easy for me.
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