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  1. Is there any information on what the "Log engine physical data" special option is for? I can see the spreadsheet, but it's not clear what it's for. I'm assuming it's just a development feature, but I'm excited by the prospect that maybe the Mirage can "remember" it's engine between sessions at some point
  2. gnomechild

    About Mirage F1

    Let's wait til the F1 is actually released, let alone all the variants done.
  3. Yeah I'm aware. Just talking about IRL capabilities. If they add it to the module it's a "what if" thing. Which is fine I guess. I'm not into that but we're probably not going to get an EQ any time soon. Hopefully it's a little more imaginative than the Sea Eagle if they decide to do that
  4. Not to "well akshually", but well, actually the F1M did not have the capability to launch Exocet missiles. The upgraded IVM radar had a sea search mode, but none of the necessary modifications were made to the airframe for actually using them. And Spain never bought Exocets or intended to use them for the F1 considering they were already operating F-18s for a number of years by the time the M came around. The only F1 variant actually capable of using Exocet missiles that I know of are Iraqi EQs. Maybe the fancy Ecuadorian ones can now but idk much about those.
  5. Completely agree on the labels. I couldn't care less whether a module is "early access" or not. It's all about what features it actually has. And with how much DCS is developing and changing, modules really are never "done" anyway
  6. Yeah that's totally fair and I get it from a development perspective. Just want my Iranian Tomcat! Lol
  7. Well, this is disappointing. I think the Iranian Tomcat is a feature most of the community would get a lot of use out of and it would fit so well into many of the scenarios that currently work best in DCS. Also, I don't mean this to be insulting but how in the world is TARPS a higher priority? What does a recon pod do in DCS? Bonus feature or not, it's now part of the promise for the module in the roadmap. And people newer to DCS (such as myself) were apparently not aware it was just a bonus add-on. I've been hoping for the 95GR since I bought the Tomcat
  8. gnomechild

    April 1st

    Very cool! lol. I love it. Are we sure it's not a feature of the real jet?
  9. Ordinally I'd just say "It's a Mirage! Buy it!". Because it's a Mirage 2000C. What's not to love? But the last months have seen such an incredible amount of love and attention poured into this module from Razbam (and some very cool help from the French AdA) that I would say that anyone who enjoys flight simming and full fidelity modules owes it to themselves to get the Mirage. It's an incredible experience. Nothing else in DCS currently matches the detail of the radar modelling either.
  10. Yeah it's definitely a shame. The FOB looks incredible. Looks just like the stuff you see in pictures. Don't cull too much. I'm sure plenty of people can run it alright. The mission was really a lot of fun. Voice acting was top notch and I really enjoyed the procedures. Got a 95! Really like the ATC and approach pattern stuff
  11. Really cool mission! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to the campaign. One criticism, the framerate at FOB Juliet is really bad. I don't have a top end machine but I'm not exactly running a potato either. Landing was very challenging, kind of a slideshow. The detail is very cool but might be a bit heavy on units for a lot of people machines
  12. Thanks! Glad you like the idea as well. I think it would open a lot of possibilities. Out of curiosity, do you have an example of that taf_data? I'd love to see an example or just field definitions to mess around with it. Fingers crossed for a positive response from ED! I seem to remember using "GetDevice" in mission scripts before but can't check at the moment. I think it should be possible though. AFAIK the mission env should have all that available, but I'm very much a rookie at DCS scripting and LUA in general Ah nevermind, I was thinking of the cockpit arguments. Yeah, definitely different than the hooks. But still would be very cool if there's a way to open that up or another way to send that taf_data.
  13. Wondering if it would be possible to get documentation for how to interact with the TAF through scripting. I know that LOTATC has the ability to send a TAF target to a player in a Mirage. I think it would be very useful and cool to be able to send a TAF to a player through a script for missions and intercept scenarios without having to rely on the constraints of the automatic designation.
  14. No, the air-to-ground capabilities of the CE are very similar to that of the F-5. No CCIP or CCRP
  15. +1 for this. It's very annoying having to set it in every mission, or flying on a server with it enabled. The boxes are very obstructive
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