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  1. I don't see performance issues right now. But I am not using VR where it was really evident
  2. Apparently there is a fix...vsync to off in sim, and Vsync to fast in nvidia control panel. Try that
  3. It seems there is a solution (vsync off in Sim, and Vsync to fast in nvidia control panel).
  4. Great...let me know if more informations are needed
  5. Yeah...it is the same it happens to me...I opened a post on the forum also for this (Virpil t-50cm2 grip issues - Real Simulator FSSB Forum). But no reply yet. Anyway I am using the previous firmware and it works correctly without those issues (but i have two devices) Any thought of my other issue? - greyed out buttons for overlay and other settings in the hid software. I recall that in previous days I managed to press game mode and overlay buttons but now those are greyed out and not accessible. I would like to at least activate the warning sound through the headset. Thanks again About new RS grips....the F16 one is just out....Are we waiting for more surprises?
  6. I plan to take the RS Hornet or F16 v2 grip...but not today...need to save some money first Did you try your cm2 grip then?
  7. mmm...but apparently they added virpil grip support in 2018 Compatibility with Virpil and VKB grips - Real Simulator FSSB Forum I also have another issue, in the HID tool I cannot use the overlay or the game mode (I would like to use the overlay to enable the warning sound from the headset). I also opened a thread there...but no-ones reply Hid Tool - buttons greyed out - Real Simulator FSSB Forum
  8. Ciao questo è il forum inglese. Se vuoi aiuto informale ti conviene scrivere nella sezione italiana che trovi in basso nel forum, dove tanti di noi potranno darti consigli. Se invece necessiti di supporto ufficiale, devi fare come dice bignewy e scrivere (in inglese) al supporto seguendo il link che ti ha inviato. Comunque dcs funziona regolarmente su Windows 10 ed anche 11 quindi avrai qualche impostazione strana. For everyone else... I just told him to write in the Italian forum section or write to the support like Bignewy instructed him
  9. Hi, I tried this firmware but I have the t-50cm2 grip, and it is not working. I have many dx buttons pressed automatically > then dx32 Also I don't seem able to access the SSM menu with that grip at all (this is with any firmware)
  10. That is one side of the equation..the other is the complexity of the calculation needed. Many AI units and many scripts equals to more calculations for that tiny core (waiting for multi-core here)
  11. I have an ffb stick and autopilot usage is difficult for me. I thought I was doing some mistake, but reading here then enlightened me. I can do some test if needed. Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk
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