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  1. It has been removed by ED in the latest updates, just to help people using OpenXR
  2. will this work with every FFB base or only with your own firmware? Thanks
  3. Ok thanks to both of you...I don't have too much time to read manuals in this time frame...so sorry for the stupid question.
  4. I just imported this profile in Voice Attack, just a stupid question, how I make the commands work? I am an old Vaicomm user (I am not using it right now) and there you just set PTT buttons on your hotas. With this profile I cannot find where to set PTT, if I just talk nothing happens. Is there something I am forgetting to set in Voice Attack? Thanks
  5. thanks I was searching in the F18 manual (text search) but nothing
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am a new AMD Radeon user, I did file a bug report, in which i described that only with 21.5.2 drivers the motion smoothing is working. I hope every AMD and VR user is doing the same. I also hope I won't be forced to spend more and switch to Nvidia again
  7. I use the valve index and for me it does not work (motion smoothing) with drivers newer then 21.5.2 (may 2021 drivers)
  8. Ok, thanks so much I will search for the thread as well.
  9. How do you setup different keybinds for different modules for the radio in vaicomm? I only have tx1-txx. Thanks
  10. OK, thanks....but motion smoothing is just a motion reprojection technology (steamvr name for it)
  11. VirusAM

    mappa mfd

    ciao, quando non appare la mappa o l'hai disattivata nelle impostazioni dell'HSI, o se sei sulla SA page non l'hai attivata. In alcuni teatri non sono presenti le mappe per tutte le scale e per tutte le posizioni per cui è abbastanza normale
  12. Thanks, I will really consider this, as the CPU will show-up on local amazon store. I think I can re-sell the 5900x at a fair price.
  13. How to record flir and hud like said in the briefing?I am looking for that in the early access manual but cannot find. Also, the briefing says we have to use SIM and that no weapons are loaded. But I see there is an actual load-out...are we supposed to drop it or it is really SIM mode and stop? Thanks
  14. Yeah I saw that. But I am not talking about strobing, but the Reprojection technologies not working (motion smoothing, asw, motion Vector etc). And those issues disappeared with the very old 21.5.2 drivers (21 not 22). So two different issues Sure, but did you try the drivers i am mentioning (21.5.2)? If those will do the trick for you please file a report as well
  15. cool, are you planning support for other modules (F18 or others)?
  16. My feeling was that the 5800X3D would have been just a demonstrator for future technologies and that would have been the final AM4 CPU. If that is wrong I will then wait to see if a 5900X3D or 5950X3D with higher clocks and the same 3d cache benefit will be released. AM5 CPU or Intel CPU is a no-go for now because I don't want to change all the platform, and an X3D CPU can be a good upgrade path for AM4 users
  17. Yeah, I have not a gaming capable monitor (I have a 27" that I use when I am sitting at the desk, but it is just a normal hdmi full-hd monitor)..So my use case is DCS-VR. As you can see in my signature I have 5900x/6900xt/64gigs of ram and the Valve Index. As I don't want to change mobo/ram for now (this year at least) the only possible upgrade is the 5800X3D, but I would do that only if it is an upgrade, and of course I will sell my 5900x in that case)
  18. How much slower?I didn't follow too much the 5800X3D specs, I am starting to be interested now that I upgraded to an 6900xt
  19. Yeah, that's exactly why I am (vaguely) considering this "upgrade", and that's because I talked of upgrade path. In the end, this PC was not meant to be used for flight sims only, but at the moment it is...anyway it is my main free time occupation...so it could be worth it.
  20. Yeah I perfectly understand and agree with you. This is why I specified Flight Simming and especially VR. We also need to see what Multicore and Vulkan will change in this regard. In that scenario the 5900x/5950x cores count could give us an upper hand.
  21. Did you try to use older drivers? As I wrote above, using 21.5.2 everything is smooth. I tried the latest drivers (22.7.something) and 22.5.1 and it was nightmare (especially the newest one). Maybe other drivers will be good as well, somewhere they introduced something that broke VR. Anyway I am going to file a proper bug report to AMD tonight, I don't know if other people did the same.
  22. This is probably true, but who have a 5900x and an AM4 motherboard has no upgrade path. So if the 5800x3d is so good for VR Flight Sims like DCS, where a ms less can be the difference between full FPS vs Reprojection I don't see it too much a waste of money.
  23. Hi everyone I am a new 6900xt user. The card is a beast, but in VR there are a lot of issues. I have a Valve Index and as soon as the FPS goes down from 80 (I have the index screen set-up at 80hz) everything is screwed up...Motion Smoothing or not. I have found that older drivers (21.5.2) from May 2021, works well and allow me to use Motion Smoothing in the same way my older Nvidia Card did (2080ti), of course with a lot of performance more. So I don't understand how it is possible that VR is broken (motion smoothing and all reprojection technologies mainly) from more then an year, and AMD seems to not be aware of the issue (never mentioned in their known issues). Is there a way to report it to AMD? Reprojection Alghoritms are a necessity for VR Flight Simming. And yes I am aware that a lot of people here says that they don't use it and are fine...but it is not my case as I am very unconfortable without it. And anyway it is not acceptable that a card which cost about 1000 euros does not have all the options available and for a so long time.
  24. I found on some reddit that the drivers 21.5.1 (of May 2021) were the last ones to have motion smoothing correctly working. Well I tried it tonight, and it is perfect...like I was used to with the Nvidia 2080ti, but of course with more performance. So it is not written anywhere that AMD cards are not good with reprojection technologies, and a proper bug report has to be filed to AMD for this. While full fps (80,90 or whatever) would be the best, reprojection tech is very important for flight sims in general and when working correctly it really gives a good experience.
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