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  1. Thanks for the quick response I made the edits you suggested and replaced the lua files but I am still unable to take control of the aircraft, it appears and will fly as an AI and I can change the loadouts but I don't get the cockpit view and cannot fly the aircraft.
  2. The VSN Tornado mod does not appear to work as the aircraft only appears as AI and is not flyable from the cockpit does anyone know of a edit or work around to make it flyable or of an alternative flyable Tornado? Thanks Larry
  3. Ok did this edit work and would it also work for the VSN Tornado?
  4. As of February 2021 is there a flyable version of the Tornado there does not appear to be a SFM version of the VSN Tornado and the other VSN Tornado version no longer appears to work in DCS other than as an AI aircraft? Does anyone know how to modify the VSN Tornado to again be flyable in DCS? Thanks
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