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  1. Thanx for info. Doesn't look to have sense on laser maverick which doesn't have FOV switching.
  2. This is interesting, thanx. Also I have noticed 2 things (maybe it is known bugs or "features") 1. if i select MAV from stores I cannot change WIDE/NARROW on TGP display via HOTAS (if I select another ordance like JDAM it works again) 2. if "SOI" stands on MAV display and I hold release button laser starts to fire but Maverick don't launch (if i switch to TGP display and hold release button laser starts fire and Maverick fires)
  3. It should be SCS (castle switch) towards MavE, not TDC
  4. I use markpoints for TPOD target observation after JDAM release:
  5. Hello Doug, thank you ! I think that UFC scratch/not aligned issue is bug and in next version I will implement independent instrument placing and picture alignment with nostretch option. You can try to "cheat" it by changing UFC resolution/aspect ratio on PC monitor, but I think that it will work only to some small extent. Regarding AMPCD: - yes if the resolution is too high, than the picture on tablet may freeze because tablet is unable to process image decompression in time - there is also another problem - currently sending picture and control signals are implemented in one channel (will be revorked in next versions to 2 port communication - one for picture and second for signaling), so if you saturate network comm with higher resolution picture, signalling may stop work colo
  6. Hello Doug, once again thank you for you feedback. There are several things which I will try to clarify: - Monitor setup: DCS World looks for file aInstruments.lua and setup instruments output on your Desktop from this file - aInstruments Desktop app sends images from monitor(s) using coordinates which you have setup in this desktop app and which are stored in config.txt - this has nothing in common with instrument(s) resolution on tablet. Instruments graphic templates are dynamically calculated on tablet only (i.e. its sizes and aspect ratios) - it is reasonable to not go above 300x300 (400x400 depending on your desktop hardware) images resolution because you will be experience lags Please note that sending instruments images in real time from PC to tablet with minimum lag is very different thing that video streaming like Youtube - because Youtube can use buffering. Instruments images cannot use buffering because lag is critical. I am working on new version which will have several compression methods for image transferring - will be useful for people with newer hardware. Desktop app will be heavily reworked and published as natural Windows app without Java runtime requirement. Will have nice kneepad pages and categories, intelligent transfer, offline mode for SAMs and kneepad pages. There will be also more advanced settings for cockpit builders like UFC independent lines position setup on tablet, instrument size definition on tablets. I will try to release till end of October (currently I am on painkillers after first knee surgery and waiting for 2nd, so currently I am not able to fully concentrate on development)
  7. Hello, thank you for purchasing aInstruments ! Sorry to hear that you have troubles. Can you send me your debug.txt from desktop app to appsupport@lumatek.sk ? Please look if your desktop PC have the same IP address range as your tablets, you can check it by: - on desktop, open command prompt and type ipconfig and press enter - on tablet/phone, after starting app just press back button on tablet and IP address will be displayed If you are not satisfied with the product, you can refund automatically on Google Play within 48 hours. If you need more time for testing, just send me your purchase ID even after this period, and I will refund your purchase. Thank you colo
  8. Hi, I have made small video showing releasing 8 JDAMs in one pass.
  9. Hi Sobiratel, you should have map coordinates visible on the most left monitor - i.e. when you switch to map view (F10) the coordinates should be in top left corner of the monitor which displays left part of your cockpit. If it is not, you should tune mapx and mapy coordinates in config.txt If you need more support, please send me email to appsupport@lumatek.sk with your debug.txt file attached. Thank you ! Cheers, colo
  10. I am only able to select different targets with coordinates correctly visible on stations and TOO1/TOO2 in point track mode: For example with 4 targets: - zoom out to be able to view all 4 targets on TPOD - select first by going to point track and designate - change station/too - select second by slewing offset cursor and designate - change station/too - select third by slewing offset cursor and designate - change station/too - select fourth by slewing offset cursor and designate - undesignate Now all coordinates are correctly visible on stations/too
  11. Hi, thank you for purchasing aInstruments ! Only one tablet reachable -> try to stop app on both tablets (really stop, not just minimize) -> then, start app on both tablet first and then start app on PC -> if you have trouble connecting both tablets, you can try manual method(you can see tablet IP address when you push back button on Android device while running app) Disabled button "Instrument placement" -> at least one tablet must be connected with PC -> you should run app on PC in admin mode Displays from F/A 18 are totally not sharp -> it seems that something goes wrong with instruments export in current DCS beta, please try it with DCS stable version Latency -> this is almost always network related, streaming of video is different thing (due buffering) -> please check if your instruments dimension is not greater than 300x300 pixels Please try it with DCS stable version and one tablet first with reasonable instruments size. If you have more questions, you can contact me at appsupport@lumatek.sk. I can send you pre-configured monitor profile and help you with configuration. If you are not satisfied with product, you can fully refund your purchase within 48 hours without any action from my side (this is standard Google Play policy) Cheers, colo
  12. Hey AesclepiusCrow, it has changed from some version of DCS World, the cockpit of Ka-50 has been revorked.
  13. Then you should setup it like first 27 seconds of video. In the video, the second rectangle number 2 is shown because the PC has 2 monitors. Number 1 and 2 in the video are PC monitors. If you have only one monitor, you must "sacrify" part of your monitor for instruments. These instruments on your monitor will be transferred to your tablet.
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