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  1. Maximum ballistic range for the AGM-65 is 12 nm.
  2. A good ROT to survive in DCS is to always use the manual mode. Semi and Auto-modes just gets you killed.
  3. Prior to each mission you run through each radio channel during the briefing so you as a flight knows exactly where, when and what freq you are to be at. There is not just one actor on the battlefield - in todays standards everyone should be able to contact anyone within the network. With whom you communicate with depends on the situation. Most likely you are not speaking with your HOB when you are 500 miles away in the AO supporting TIC (its not even able since radio waves have a limited range). Radio discipline are extremely important. A good pilot can easily become a bad pilot if he has no clue on what to say - to who he say it. Obviously there are different communication rules and actors depending on where and what the situation demands. The VHF/UHF radios in DCS are not really that realistic in terms of what radios the actors is on. I would say the most realistic is the ATC on AM - but I suppose that is not always true either in real world operations. The most true answer I´ve learned in aviation from my IP is: It depends! :)
  4. You are not doing anything wrong, its just warning you of the hydraulic and system losses when the engines fail to provide power or you just simply turn of the avionics. Just reset it by pressing the Master Warning. If it turns on in any other situation than during startup/shutdown then you have a major problem! :)
  5. Haha thanks man! Just click on the red box `add to reputation` and `I approve` for one point up yes!
  6. You have to select the parking spot number in the dropdown checkbox (to the right of the start on ramp option).
  7. It depends on how far away the target area is, your altitude- and attitude, what direction relative of your aircraft the TGP is pointing - or any other ordinance that may be in the way. I´ve even had the "luck" to get masked by my wingman during a Buddy Lase after release. There is no set rule for when a masking occurs - you just have to maneuver your aircraft with experience and some common sense.
  8. To my understanding it has nothing to do with being masked, as the TGP can be masked in level attitude by other ordinance, or the airframe itself. I see it as a safety barrier for when the pilot is going heads down - you really need to do something stupid to actually set the warning off! 75 degree bank is not an attitude you´d want to be in during a heads down orbit.
  9. Actually read somewhere that ISIS got hold of some captured Syrian aircraft like the MiG-21. But my memory could fail me - or the reports being false. So don´t take my word for being the truth.
  10. Its not cool knowing classified information. Its only cool to be authorized to know classified information. On the other hand, why are you asking us questions if you got the proper documents yourself? I don´t care if you sit on secret documents, and I´m not worried about you at all. Most likely CIA or the Polish Police won´t knock on your door, but you should still know that if you comit a crime against any nation, they have the right to warrant an extradite. The other thing is that you are asking about the DCS JDAM features - which you have been given answers on. So I still don´t see your point to include in your posts that you have classified information on your PC. It isn´t worth anything in the DCS Community anyway.
  11. Have you checked in the options menu for any abnormal axis tuning for your joystick? I have never seen such behaviour without any inputs, and my gut feeling tells me it looks like something is inducing this. I could be wrong, but I would suggest you looking into the joystick axis.
  12. Even if you know (or think you know) about classified information, its not a good idea spreading the word around. A lot is classified about the JDAM, and some information are not. MFCD pages are one of those things that are on the border between open information - while a lot of weapon/electronic warfare pages are classified. The best thing to avoid getting near the borderlands, is to not play with the fire. Just because you can find it on Google, does´nt mean that its legal.
  13. I have to say that the standard three displays look a lot better than the WAD option. But maybe it´s just because its still in photoshop.
  14. No, the 476th vFG uses an internal mod that switches the "default" runway to 32 instead of 14.
  15. Post a track on your landings, so we can look into it properly and not only guess what the cause is.
  16. I don´t know about the bug...but the magnetic variation is as present in DCS as in the real world. Recent polar magnetic changes IRL have forced some airfields to change their runway numbers in some areas of the world as well. Batumi runway is 13 (120,8 degrees true magnetic heading) adding a magnetic variation of 6,0 gives it a value of 126,8 - which rounds of to RWY 13. EDIT: Batumi have numbers 13 in real too.
  17. You are most certinaly right effte, I guess pictures give you a little bit of distortion too. But I´ve never seen droptanks in that enviroment either! Glad they came to some use anyway!
  18. Russian Airforce "SOP" makes me speechless sometimes. Altough you can´t blame them for making bad aviation pics.
  19. That´s some huge droptanks, what aircraft where they for?
  20. Financial Times flying the JAS 39 Gripen. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/6f232e2a-2d7a-11e4-8105-00144feabdc0.html#slide8
  21. If I remember correctly the A-10C module was initially tailor made for the USAF - as a desktop tool to learn the avionics in the Charlie model when the squadrons transitioned from the A-model.
  22. Some Jink maneuvers from the 476th vFG Youtube channel:
  23. Obviously the R-33 have better range than the AIM-120B. But DCS AI is just plain and simple stupid and suicidal - so I would not draw any realistic conclusions whats so all from that track. And as Exorcet said, there are a lot of other technical factors DCS is totally missing, regarding air combat.
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