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  1. How isnt that correct? They have a semi active laser seeker. They have to have laser firing to pick up its reflection.
  2. Well this isn't something you can solve other than coming here and asking what binding is this. Your weird names aren't explained in any manual. Maybe update the official manual with what all the bindings actually mean or name them correctly.
  3. The title is really self explanatory. I've looked and looked through the bindings but I can't find one anywhere. It seems strange that there isnt one considering how much its adjusted. Am I just not seeing it?
  4. So I am a long time aviation enthusiast that has been doing serious civilian simming for over a decade with some breaks here and there. My most recent pause was after my FSX file became so bloated from trying to run every imaginable mod on top of PMDGs aircraft it would crash after 2 or 3 hours of play. My computer sat pretty much idle outside of day to day operations until MSFS was announced. I knew I had to upgrade the guts of old girl so I bought an ASUS Tuf Gaming X570 and dropped a Ryzen 7 3700x in it and added a 5600xt card and threw in 16G of ddr4. I kept the WD Black d drive and Microcenter SSD boot drive. I know the video card is kinda middlin but it was the same brand as my motherboard and was an open box return so I got it cheap. I plan to purchase another 16G of memory soon as it seems to be a requirement. Anyhow after getting back into flight sim forums I kept noticing DCS. I honestly thought about whether to play or not for a couple weeks. I would have to change my whole setup (yoke and pedals). So I finally took the plunge and when I jump I kinda go all in. I now have a VKB Gunfighter MK3 with the Kosmosima (space) grip. I paired it up with a CH Pro throttle as that was the only throttle I could find at retail price at the time of order. But it works great with the F16C in my opinion. I plan to pick up VKBs TECS whenever it comes out. I kept my CH pedals for now as they still seem to work fine but also find VKBs pedals very attractive. I bought a janky hotas mount from Amazon and a set of Cougar MFD rings. For head tracking I use SmoothTrack a head tracking app that uses your phones camera. I recommend it to anyone looking for a very affordable and effective alternative to TrackIR. As for DCS modules this past sale put a hurting on the bank account. I picked up the F16, FA18, Nevada, Syria, and Persian Gulf. I had FC3 so I got the Red Flag and BFM campaigns as I figured they'd help with learning. I also picked up the F16C Red Flag but it doesn't show up anywhere I can see. I have focused all my time up to this point on Chucks manual and the training missions for the Viper. I figured it best fit my equipment and thats accurate. I have completed all training missions to my satisfaction and am ready to step it up. Anyhow I know this is long and probably the wrong way to go about finding a group but I wanted to put it out there. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  5. No I didn't considering I'm a brand new player. Why are you inserting yourself into something that you have Nothing to do with. The manual isn't in a place thats accessible to new players. Its not under the tab on the main site with the rest of them. Chucks was easy to find and effective. Do you work for ED? This is kind of a messed up way of introducing yourself if you do.
  6. Just wanted to say this has been a lifesaver for me. Im a new player coming from a civilian flight sim background. Since the F16 manual is unavailable yours was the only way to learn the aircraft along with the training missions. Ive read the whole thing once and have re read sections many times. I still haven't made it to AG mode but I'm sure with your manuals I'll be fine. So thanks very much!
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