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  1. I hope they will be able to prove quality and make a deal with ED if this is their goal. They want to make Soviet 1-3 era jet aircrafts. Sounds like a great choice.
  2. https://redstarsimulations.com/ Looks like someone is already developing MiG-17!
  3. Or even YF-23 with rotors, both of them were only two pre production prototypes. Not integrated with full combat suite. Ka-50 we have is a kind of serial machine, even if produced only in a few copies. It's just Russia not being close to USSR capabilities to produce thousands of Mi-24.
  4. On this video? Yes of course early F-16A, the lightest and most nimble one, with small tail. It's a General Dynamics promotional video from 1976. Imperial Iranian Air Force is among the users who selected the F-16, they were sent to Israel instead after the coup in 1979.
  5. I may chose Me-262 due to it's historical context and SP missions and campaigns. In Me-262 you fight against Allies and Soviets overhelming numerical advantage, attacking you everywhere from takeoff to landing and even on the ground. All you can count on is new jet technology and the last veteran pilot's skill. When in Hellcat you are the one having numerical and technological advantage like great mariana turkey shoot. Every single operable Me-262 is worth it's weight in gold when in Hellcat you can crash during takeoff and it's gonna change nothing, nobody notice. Me-262 already has it's proper historical opposition like Mustang, Thunderbolt, Flying Fortress, Spitfire, Mosquito when Hellcat would fly in a void at this moment.
  6. Has no one told them giving the names for some planes like "Super-Sukhoi", "Terminator" etc. sounds silly and childich? Imagine "Super F-35" or "Rafale Terminator"... Regardless of the plane it sounds a bit pathetic.
  7. I'm waiting for the MiG-23 and Bolkov 105 the most. Models looks great. I'm glad you are investing in the future and care about current MiG-19 and Mirage. Good luck RAZBAM!
  8. For me the first option with dividedEast/West Germany for Cold War full blown war NATO vs Soviets/Warsaw Pact.
  9. It looks great. Interior detail level, leather surfaces, rain wipers and touchdown moment the end of the video as the helicopter lands on the ground and bounces. This Cold War classic aircrafts have soul, they are special. Just like Tomcat, MiG-21, F-5E and others. Can't wait to fly my Hind.
  10. Agree. Tornado needs two things to be attractive and exciting in DCS: (1) low level interdiction strike capability with terrain fallowing radar, inertial navigation, at night and bad weather, manual weapon aiming with hands full for both pilot and WSO and (2) Soviet enemy in Europe to fight in all out war. And this is IDS/GR1. GR4 or later post-Soviet german variants, without low level strike, without terrain fallowing radar operable/trained, without Soviets/WARPAC in Europe would be simply boring, absolutely not attractive outside first 2-3 flights. GR4 would be like: cruise at 15,000ft like an airliner 'pickle and RTB' >100nm cruise missile. As other guys said today tactical fighters like F-16, F-18, F-15E can do that even better cruising at 30,000ft. It would be wasted potential. And one more thing: in 1980s very low level interdiction at night or bad weather against capable enemy was still the most reliable way to attack important fixed enemy targets in 100-200 depth and still posible and survivable, very risky buisness of course. If someone would try something like that in all out war against capable enemy in year ~2005 it would be a pathetic display and simply a suicide, Tornado or any similar plane would be detected very early by interceptors and AEW and shoot down half way to the target with ease. That's why Tornado crews don't even train such things for decades. Cold War IDS/GR1 or F-111 both have potential to be among the most entertaining modules possible in DCS but late 'pickle and RTB' cruise missile truck, no.
  11. No double tail thus no very high AoA regime, no thrust vectoring, mechanical radar antenna instead of E-scan, no IRST for german fighters, various Praetorian DASS features missing in different series, i'm mentioning a only few features speaking from memory. I've read some interesing book about the whole Eurofighter developement program, but it was years ago and what I remembered after 1990 were constant budget cuts, delays, restrictions, withdrawing from various costly solutions, limiting the number of planes, even more delays, especially the German side seemed to be counting money. At one point, the entire program was in question at all. After the Soviets collapsed and the danger was gone Germany were engaged in reunification process, not in some costly military projects of smaller importance. Meanwhile, air combat was changing, as Eurofighter's design began in early 1980s it was not entirely clear that beyound visual range combat would become so reliable and dominant so quickly with the introduction of the AIM-120 missiles and rapid computer technology advances. A classic, very high-performance maneuver fighter with only a slight reduction of radar reflection was still being designed. That's why even what left will surely be very interesting fighter in the DCS.
  12. Mainly due to budget cuts. The Eurofighter was designed during the Cold War to defeat the Soviet MiG-29 and Su-27 in dogfights over Europe in 1990s. When the Eastern Bloc collapsed and the mighty Soviet military machine crumbled, the threat disappeared. Nobody was interested in investing in a super maneuverable dogfighter anymore because there was no one to dogfight with. The Eurofighter itself was supposed to enter service in the mid-1990s, but after the collapse of the USSR, resources were drastically reduced and the plane entered service only a decade later in pains and stripped of the most radical ideas, there were even thrust-vectored tailless designs considered. (Like F-22, the cheaper variant of the two, with cheaper engines, without many originally designed systems, trading additional mass increase for lower cost and cutting original order from 700 to some 190 planes, barely saving the program at all) The biggest opponent in the history of Eurofighter (also the F-22) was the collapse of the USSR and the disappearance of the capable enemy, which they could possibly fight.
  13. Berserk


    F-16A hot scramble during the Cold War. In those days, the Soviet giant with Warsaw Pact still existed, both sides were much more serious about security than they are today. Military expenditure and measures were incomparably greater. Here F-16A intercepting Soviet IL-18 Coot and An-12 Cub by the coast of Norway, 1988.
  14. I immediately thought about this Soviet monster
  15. German Interdictor/Strike or British Gr.1, both very similar designed for Cold War low level penetration strike in high threat enviroment. This would be exciting as hell for both pilot and navigator! ADF was medicore interceptor at best and modern Gr.4 would be one of two: non survivable trying to make low level strike in year 200X and not entertaining when used as very long range cruise missile truck 'pickle and RTB'.
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