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  1. Spoke with Count during the game (just after actually), said he was putting out troops with KUB's... All I got and ever get at our FARP, regardless of where I seem to be on it, is "You are not in a pickup zone" Am I missing something?
  2. @Alpenwolf I formally submit my complaint regarding the fact Red Farp Mi8's can deploy troops with Manpads on The Open Range mission, Blue cannot. Defending Blue Farp against knowledgeable SU pilots like Count, is almost impossible. They simply fly under the Hawk radar and Vulcans can't cant shot them down. Red should not have Manpads.
  3. Awesome! Thank you for all the work. Where are the Avengers? It's a joke! ...sort of...
  4. Not AS good. If you don't want to let us put them out, then include one or two at the start the missions where Hinds have A2A capabilities.
  5. Let us put out Avengers. We already can't see any Helos on the maps. Give us dependable ground anti-air we can control.
  6. I'm still whining about When Mountains Cry Don't enjoy this one. 2 Dog slow A10's on the blue side, 4 SU25's on Red 2 KA50's - - - give us Apaches (nobody flies the Gazelle) 2 C101's vs 4 L39's I'm done, just venting. Move along.
  7. Give Avengers crates where you put R-60M's in. There will always be empty Mistral slots, and a line up for Hind slots.
  8. @Alpenwolf Can't recall if this mission mentioned earlier... Swedish Delivery, B52's expose all Red ground targets during fly over.
  9. return { keyCommands = { {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_BTN2'}}, down = iCommand_ExplorationStart, name = _('Enable visual recon mode'), category = _('View Cockpit')}, {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_BTN3'}}, down = iCommandViewTransposeModeOn, up = iCommandViewTransposeModeOff, name = _('Camera transpose mode (press and hold)'), category = _('View Cockpit')}, {down = iCommandCockpitClickModeOnOff, name = _('Force cursor to show on/off'), category = _('General')}, }, axisCommands = { -- mouse axes {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_X'}}, action = iCommandPlaneViewHorizontal, name = _('Camera Horizontal View')}, {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_Y'}}, action = iCommandPlaneViewVertical, name = _('Camera Vertical View')}, {combos = {{key = 'MOUSE_Z'}}, action = iCommandPlaneZoomView, name = _('Camera Zoom View')}, { action = iCommandViewRoll, name = _('Camera Roll View')}, {action = iCommandPlaneSelecterHorizontal, name = _('TDC Slew Horizontal (mouse)')}, {action = iCommandPlaneSelecterVertical , name = _('TDC Slew Vertical (mouse)')}, }, }
  10. I restored the mouse defaults in the "General" section (I think). Might have been combined Arms... anyway, it worked for me so I'd would try restoring the mouse defaults again. Under every category if need be.
  11. First, I haven't changed anything that I'm aware of, have rebooted, and checked for upgrades on everything. I jumped into Combined Arms today and out of the blue my mouse does not control the turrets anymore, can't aim at anything. Turret will move with keys but not the mouse. Will not work with any ground vehicle with a movable gun. Mouse works perfectly on everything else including other applications. I just don't get it. Makes it impossible to go out and kill against other Tactical Commanders. Anyone experience this or have a solution. I can't figure it out.
  12. Shooting something down in a Hind, Apache, Gazelle ... no surprise. Getting shot down by a Huey, that'll tick you off.
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