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  1. And the time fishing for the mouse while playing in VR
  2. 6 days! Next sunday at 5pm UTC+0 (if i didn't mess up the time calculation) https://totalcontrols.eu/
  3. I guess there is no need for you to wait. It is extremely unlikely that they would sell a bundle for 150 Euros if a single one will already costs 120 to 130. The cougars are mass produced. Therefore they are a lot cheaper.
  4. Yes. To my knowledge a 4 part version number is structured as follows: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.TWEAK
  5. Yes, that would be nice. IIRC ED is already working on new models.
  6. yes, that is the suggestion, since those keys have currently no real use when those modes are active and I guess it would feel natural.
  7. +1 As a small side note regarding the details: I think the Syria map is already detailed enough to have a lot of fun on the ground. There is some other ground vehicle simulator out there which is considered to be the most realistic one and in my opinion DCS Syria is much more detailed an versatile than the maps of the other sim. It might have denser ground triangle meshes (I don't know) but the overal detail level in new DCS maps is better (in my opinion). So no need to wait for maps with higher LOD.
  8. I am frequently using the autopilot and cruise control features to focus on other stuff than driving my vehicle. However, if I want to change the movement speed, the current implementation is not as straight forward as it could be. In autopilot, I need to go to the F-10 map and click the slider, which can be dangerous in high threat areas. This is especially a problem when I want to advance slowly while using the "g" key to dynamically assign a route. Everytime you use it, the speed is set to max and you need to turn it down again via the F-10 map. In cruise control mode, it is not that problematic but still annoying. You need to accelerate or decelerate manually to the desired speed and reactivate cruise control. But if you are using the keyboard, you do not have really good control due to the fast accelerations at lower speeds. I regularly end up fiddling around with cruise control for several seconds to get the correct speed that I want. My suggestion: When cruise control or the autopilot is on, the already existing keys to accelerate or decelerate adjust the set speed of those modes. (IIRC they currently do nothing in AP and automatically cancel CC). Additionally, an UI indicator should be shown that presents the target speed of those modes. In autopilot, speed changes would of cause only work if you are the group leader same as the "g" key commands to set new waypoints. Alternatively, we can get new keybinds for this, but I think reusing the existing ones here is more intuitive.
  9. Just saw the new subforums. Thanks a lot for that ED
  10. Not sure what exactly you mean? Can you describe it a bit more? Don't forget that the gunsight already has a 3x magnification before you zoom in to 13x.
  11. Wouldn't say "no" if they can give us those too But let's see if we get anything at all.
  12. didn't notice that... that's really funny
  13. @NineLine@BIGNEWY Is it possible that we can get a wishlist subforum for Combined Arms like most newer modules have? I know there is a wishlist thread, but I think it would be better to have a own subforum where wishes can be discussed separately. Think this would also help to figure out what the important topics for active CA players are, and which features might be nice to have, but not urgent.
  14. In DCS, several tanks (western ones) use HEAT-MP-T rounds (see image below). The T at the end stands for tracer, but all HEAT round types in DCS currently have no tracer effect. While this might be correct for other HEAT ammunition (don't know about the russian ones), it is certainly wrong for this specific type. Track added below, where I shot two sabot and two HEAT rounds. Abrams heat no tracers.trk
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