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  1. Umm, what is wrong with aamram's now? I fire 4 from f16 35k 1.5m 33miles aspect hot and they all get notched by Jf-17 ace ai? What happened? oh, and I crank to keep radar in gimble's until active then I turn cold did 6 1v1 bvr's, zero hits... that is 24 120c's never lost lock early on crank either bogey never turns cold to defeat 120c’s edit: tested with every other fast jet on ace ai, 80miles both at 41k, hot, 1.3mach (since the “Jeff” can’t go much faster and wanted to keep similar speeds to start across all) Seems to be a jf17 phenomenon. Could the rcs be incorrect? The new AI (which is great) doesn’t seem to have similar success in other jets. Anyone else have similar issues with f16 vs jf17 radar and/or 120c?
  2. Not flaming, I just think your 1% assessment is far far too low. You might be the 1% in this community and THATS OK! Thankfully, DCS has game mode for you. We all can be happy! edit: I also primarily play in VR. Msg me if you need some help setting it up in DCS. I will say my rig is almost brand new and that is what it requires to use VR. Yes, there could be some optimization for VR in DCS (hello shuddering frames when you don’t load properly and have to reload the mission), but I find DCS more than playable with a Reverb 2. Cloud surfing is simply amazing in VR.
  3. Saw this, 1000% agree. We aren’t, generally, the Call of Duty-type gamers. I’d wager most people are more of the Arma-type people (in keeping with the fps analogy). If DCS wasn’t a “study” sim, I’d have been gone over a decade ago when this was just Lock-On in 2005. These days most games are too simple and boring due to dumbing down. I’m glad ED doesn’t subscribe to that paradigm in regards to development of features and modules. Keep up the great work ED! ps - still in awe of the clouds in 2.7 and the F16 flight model updates!
  4. Ohhhhh, you went there! You are in good company though. The Folds of Honor dogfight tourney dq’s for such things and rightly so. Last year, a Hornet won without over-g, so it can be done (grats SungHo). Doesn’t happen in the dogfight servers sadly. edit: Much for sane discourse in a video game. The DCS community is pretty fantastic.
  5. I love data! It will take some time for me to digest the numbers you provided and THANK YOU! In the meantime, I would offer, since DCS is a game where actual numbers sometimes aren’t utilized (actual missile ranges, etc) all of the FM’s have to be considered in relation to each other so DCS can keep the “essence of reality” close. While your number’s are probably correct, some of us come at it from the perspective of a VS. POV since 100% FM accuracy will not be in the cards. For players like me, if we can’t have 100% real numbers across all of the FM’s, a decent compromise should be each module should perform similarly to RL in relation to each other, or as close as possible. If I am going to be fighting AI, for me, the airframe’s FM is the star of the show as AI doesn’t pose a significant challenge. Relative FM accuracy is even more important in a multiplayer environment. The gaps are too large currently. Is all of this to say, it’s only a F16 FM issue in DCS? Probably not. I’d be happy with a narrowing of the gap to employ actual BFM tactics used by Viper drivers vs certain adversaries. Currently, some of those tactics aren’t effective as the FM doesn’t allow it, degrading the overall F16 experience in DCS, IMHO.
  6. The Tomcat pilot made some pretty big errors and GS capitalized. With the current DCS FM’s the way they are, the Tomcat should have won all the rounds by outrating on the deck with flaps. Seen it done many times in the multiplayer dogfight servers, same with F18 (Yay 13g over-G gun shots) and JF17, both who also can (and shouldn’t be able to) out-rate the F16 in DCS. Not sure what documentation you have seen, but your assertions fly in the face of the prevailing wisdom on Viper BFM doctrine if FM’s were accurate. The DCS Viper FM bleeds energy far too quickly and the pitch rate seems bad. I won’t mention other sims (BigNewy gave me a warning for just mentioning) but, it all feels very wrong in DCS and I am glad I am not the only one who sees it (Grim Reapers and GS have both mentioned many times in videos with documentation). /Hatsoff /Salute to ED for fixing a very popular module’s FM!
  7. So excited to hit up the dogfight multiplayer once the Viper FM is done. Hard to get up for it until then. Hope I can enjoy for a while before the Typhoon gobbles up all the competition. Keep slaving away ED! We are ready!
  8. I will admit, I’ve been pretty salty about the F16 flight model. I am so happy a game developer actually listens to their community. Thank you Eagle Dynamics for valuing your customers. Seems to be a rare occurrence in gaming these days. I am so excited!! Good luck and keep working hard! PS - 2.7 is still amazing, especially in VR. Yay, cloud surfing in my Reverb G2 and 3080!
  9. You are correct. I am not active on forums and apologize for the double thread. Other post edited and updated. Feel free to merge/delete.
  10. I appreciate the heads up, I would have missed that.
  11. I should also add, all inquiries made thus far have seemingly had the intention to use their own boards for their SimPit’s since the TQS is the item of value. The other items are “free” if you will. If one wants to save on shipping, I’ll only send the TQS. I couldn’t be sure someone’s motivation for wanting something like this. I know why I wanted it, the TQS and they all came together.
  12. It appears you are correct, there are boards out that work, however. The main item of interest is the TQS. I wanted that particular thumb mouse. In my opinion, far superior than the Cougar’s from my experience having owned both previously.
  13. Interested in a brand new F16 TQS and F22 PRO still in the original cellophane packaging? Check my thread DCS Thrustmaster forums.
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