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  1. Sorry then i was mistaken by another Person with this Interview. Sorry about that. But the problem remans: a new day, a new FM change, a new neverending discussion Its a very passionate community thats clear
  2. Hey Bro, The discussion is running circles again and again. As said in our private discussion. There are many, many other pilots who say it Just the opposite way. As this quote is used again and again (and so far its the only one I know of) to prove that the F18 will beat the viper but the majority still agrues the opposite. So accept the current DCS FMs where the Hornet is more dominant or quit gaming. Because every change in a FM by ED reopens the discussion again and again.
  3. Thanks for the quick response but I think the full aft cyclic bug was something completely other bug then this one I discribed above, right? I dont get the connection between the two bugs. In the linked thread there is no connection too. Seems like one bug is fixed and now another bug is in there. The Problem now is that there is no paddle movement done by the yaw AP at all to hold the heading and this should work IRL like @AeriaGloria stated above with a reference to the MI24 manual.
  4. @BIGNEWY anything from the dev team so far about that issue? Thanks a lot!
  5. Seems like the yaw AP heading hold authority was weakend very much. Prior to the last beta patch you can take off without touching the padals strait up only by adding collective when you had turned on the yaw AP. When there was much torque to compensate the padels were moved automaticaly to compansate the torque. Now with the last patch with yaw AP on the heli stays in line only a few seconds and when you add more and more collective it gets spinning although the yaw AP is set on. It was tested in the same quickmission in beta and stable. The new Microswitch settings is in the default (pre patch) setting. Enable/Disable by deflection and the paddle trimmer is set to off. The yaw AP doesnt change the paddles movement at all they will stay in the neutral position the hole time. Doesnt matter if the yaw AP is engaged or not in the beta. Unlike in the sable or the mi8 where the yaw AP will change paddle movment when torque required that to stay at the heading. Hoverstarts and Hoverlandings are more complicated now in the hind because you have to add paddle on your own. So the yaw AP lost its use quite a bit now. Of course with yaw AP off the tendancies are stronger. I do not know if this is now realistic or before patch was realistic behavior for the yaw AP but there is a significant change in the authority of the yaw AP and that is not cleared though the patch notes. Thats why here is the bug report.
  6. Does anyone know if the yaw AP heading hold authority was weakend? Prior to Beta patch you can take off without touching the padals strait up only by adding collective. Now with yaw AP on the heli gets spinning when you add more collective. Microswitch settings is in the default (pre patch) setting. Enable/Disable by deflection. Any ideas?
  7. @AeriaGloria I dont have any effect with the "Enable/Disable by presence/absence of pedal movement" option for the microswitches. Do you know it the deadzone for the paddels does play a role in the way that yaw stabilization is put off only if the paddle movement is beyond the deadzone or is it just the raw input?
  8. Break Lock is no problem. Just with TGP as SOI tms down once (!) and up again and again until Lock
  9. Hey @BIGNEWY, one question: was there any change to the radar in the F16 in the last patch? There was no note of this in the patchnotes and as so often noticable changing in the radar behavior ist labeled as "correct as it is". So no bug but no change in the beta, so what is it?
  10. Thats the problem. ED missed the right year to model the F16, we all want. Not frankenstein but a few years or even months later on would be great. Their instinct to pick the right model was great in many times but this time it failed. Its only one or two years apart but with this argument they can say to every wish we have, "not planned, not realistic for 2007". But thats bad luck! I understand that ED has to choose some plane and year to model it right but they simply picked the wrong date. There are many great ideas and planned features from ED itself that were canceled because of this. Same with the SDB. It was tested on the F16 Blk. 50 in 2006 but was introduced into service later on. https://www.f-16.net/f-16-news-article2105.html You can call it bad luck. So in 2007 only a few block 50 got the v9 not all. So it is said that the special selected model and the template of EDs F16 got it later on. So we can not prove anything. Again bad luck! Its sad to have to dicuss about a few months sometimes!
  11. jojojung


    How do you do the yellow menu colour? Thx
  12. OK, so please PM me with the public available data, then. This would be great. Thanks! As far as I know the Hornet does outrate the Viper with or without paddle in DCS. No joke I'm really interested in this. So please give me the link or Something else about SMEs who say that the Hornet should outrate the Viper. I dont know a single interview etc. about a real life pilot who say this. Thats why I really want to know. You can PM me if you want. Thanks very much.
  13. Nearly every Interview with real pilots who fight bfm in this setup said that the Viper should clearly outrate the Hornet in a 2C fight. To ignore those statements and ask the other side for prove is not very logical when there are no public data for the Hornet FM at all. But to be fair, I will ask you the same question: the overwelming performance of the Hornet in DCS to outrate everything else is based on what data? so we can do the same thing around all the time without any result.
  14. I'm not a Jeff Pilot in DCS but I have to make a big compliment to the Devs of the Jeff. They are willing to review things in a serios way with the community. Also I'm not the best Dogfighter but I tried fighting guns only with no pylons against a JF AI Ace with no pylons and I was able to outrate her near ground without any flaps. Just be patient and stay at corner speed ~450kt. Dont pull to much! At some point you will see that the Viper does a hugh step forward in full AB and will accelerate and I have to go to mil power to stay in the corner speed and not above. For me the Viper does the thing right and is fairly accurate with the public charts. Thanks ED for the great work!
  15. Für meinen Geschmack ist die Mission 1 viel zu lang! Hatte einen Freeze und musste deswegen nach dem explodierten Checkpoint einen PC Absturz erleiden. Und dann wiedermal ewig zum Träger, ewig wieder zurück, dann erst die eigentliche Mission. Dazu noch viele endlose eingeplante Wartezeiten. Warum splittet man die Missionen nicht auf? Leider gibt es ja kein Zwischenspeichern. Das ist einfach frustriend und hat wenig mit einem eigentlichen Schwierigkeitsgrad zu tun. Wenn in ner Mission was schief läuft, geht die Motivation spätentens nach den 3 mal in der gleichen "endlosen" Missionsdauer flöten. Sehr schade, sonst eigentlich super Kampagne!
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