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  1. Ok then :). My first brief résumé of the 8 as a helicopter-beginner is simply great fun. My take-offs look like a drunkard holds the stick, landings usually break something important. But I dearly love it already! Is there an english cockpit for version 2.7 already?
  2. For my beloved jets - Mig21, Viggen and C101 - i managed well without pedals. Now I finally ordered pedals and the warthog-hotas and I am really looking forward to the Mi8 I purchased some years ago. It´ll be a challenge being an almost complete helicopter-noob and most likely the community will be bombed with rookie questions but that thing... I fell in love with it at once.
  3. 50 years of sevice :). speed and climbing records, many air forces around the globe, damned sexy beast... so i ask "apart from the aqueduct, what have the romans ever done for us?" answer enough?
  4. very nice! for navigation equipment i have to learn more, but i totally agree on her fighting capabilities. it takes a bit of practice to get the bombs on target though. yesterday i tried the illumination rockets for the first time. taking off at 4 AM in beirut heading for a camp in the mountains. i either shot a bit too far or dumb in the ground :). but it looks really good. is there any good mission where reconnaissance and target marking plays a role? or, is it possible to setup interesting missions, where you don´t know the kind of targets and their position. i´d have a lot of fun in that.
  5. personally i love the little older models most, like the mig21 and saab viggen. the suggestion made above to purchse the aircraft you´re appealed by most is perfect. you´ll train her and master her with pleasure. objectively, a true gem of the modern era is the c101 aviojet. i discovered that very late though. the light attack-aircraft and trainer teaches "good" flying and is outstandingly well modelled in physics and avionics. but as everything, it´s a matter of taste too
  6. it´s just good old flight school mate. the amount of braking until the rudder gets effect is tiny tiny. also on the c101. i wouldn´t call it bad engineering. on the photo you see the plane i started flying with after beeing a glider pilot for a longer time. and of course the front wheel steers in with the moevement of the aircraft and does not point always straight ahead! it works outstandingly good and turns super tight on the ground. you also develope a good feeling for brakes and throttle. just perfect in my eyes.
  7. taxiing she turns on a dime indeed! after using the c101 finally more and more these days, even though i purchased her a couple of years ago, i must admit that she´s one of the finest models in dcs. everything feels correct, the cockpit is a pleasure in functionality and optics. simply a very great module!!
  8. Would love to get hands on a F 105! She was also stationed here in the Eifel in Spangdahlem back in the day.
  9. oops, i made an embarassing mistake here (took the pressure ratio as an indicator for fuel flow). everything works fine
  10. thx for the reply. she consumes fuel but the flow doesn´t change when going full afterburner. anyway i´ll check later again
  11. hey pilots, yesterday i experienced that the fuel flow gauge on my beloved viggen does not change at all between AB 1-III. i´m pretty sure there has been a huge difference as it should be. anyone else having that issue? also when rearming - i think it´s been mentioned already - the external tank does not get filled again. deleting and refitting it solves the minor issue as a little work-around.
  12. the very competitive multiplayers can/want to also pull 9g+ all the time ;). the very best thing of DCS is caring for realism! i do not own the f16 yet, but i´m sure she´s quite a capable little fighter. if the chosen model cannot fire 4 HARMs, why even make a poll for it? my viggen cannot fire single unguided rockets but only all at one time. and it´s good that way, because it´s just correct. and that makes the appeal of a realistic simulation. live with the "limitations" and do your best. best wishes, fleur
  13. She was loved by many experienced pilots. By those pilots who learned flying pre-war. Above all the earlier versions e.g. E and F. Then she became heavier and heavier in engine and armament. The pilot-education less and worse. Take a look at her long and farg-going evolution. Apart from minor adjustments the frame stayed the same. A K4 must´ve been spectecular in stats and sounds - - but definetely far less enjoyable in handling than her early predecessors. Dont´know if the module-developers ever contacted Walter Eichhorn, most likely the one alive who knows flight characteristics of a 109 best.
  14. Hello Pilots! New to the forum but a fan of DCS for a couple of years now I´ll send you my best wishes from Germany. As the user JetJake76 mentioned further up I made my digital flights first on a C64 too :). Gloriuous to experience my favourite simulator in the splendid quality we have now! Real life flying for me was a couple of hundred hours in gliders mostly but also in single engine moran-saulniers. Life later drove me to simulator "only" :). My most beloved and used planes are the Mig21 and the Viggen. Aviojet, P47 and I16 are close up. Kind regards, Fleur79
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