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  1. Thanks again. I think it´s solved on my end, Stupid user error as you can imagine...
  2. I´ll do more tests. Yes, I´ve done all the indicate procedures. Some user error I suppose.
  3. Thanks a lot! I´m doing some tests but I´m unable to achieve the "light on" release indication. .- Set as CPG .- Assumed weapons control .- Select bombs. .- Set angle and interval like in the data sheets we have. .-Set the counter to on when target disappear from PKI. No light indication... I think that I ´m doing something wrong. Any idea?
  4. Same duplicity in the MI-24P Copilot-Gunner/ICS: 'SPU-8 Mode Switch - RADIO/ICS'.
  5. Track added (sort of)... Assume trim bug.trk
  6. Copilot "Assumed Trim" bug. Premise: In the CPG left wall , "Assumed trim" hands over the trim control to the copilot when switched on and the CPG has the controls in operation position (red colective guard pressed or control requested). Bug: Force trim button is always active for the copilot when he takes control, even with "Assumed trim" not switched on. Trim with the "Trim hat" operation is correct, only the CPG has trim control with the "Tim Hat" when the "assumed trim" switch is set to on. Note: It´s difficult to make a track due to the bug is only visible when the controls are physically pressed or actuated and the inputs are showed in the "Rcrtl+Enter" overlay. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yes, it´s a constant 10º deviation. On a side note, in the Greben (1 and 2) the normal operation position is the Gyro position, confirmed with KA-32 firefighter's pilots.
  8. Thanks. No problem. I supposed that was WiP.
  9. First and foremost, maybe it´s WiP. Second, maybe it´s user problem. With a desired course dialed and the Route mode set to on, there is a discrepancy between the course dialed and the course that the HSi shows. Attanched trk with an example using the free flight mission over the Caucasus, so the HSI is correctly set with the MAGVAR and the operation mode is set to GYRO in the Greben-1 that is the operational mode. So, in theory no differences between the HSI and the external view bar information. Maybe the HDG mode in the Greben-1 is involved in the Route mode operation? Thanks. MIke. P.S. Any chance to have an updated manual? It seems that the 24P is following the path of the Mi-8 manual. Route mode HDG off.trk
  10. I´m between "no pedal trim" - "Enable/disable by pedal movement" and "no pedal trim" - "Automatic off". @AeriaGloria What do you think?
  11. +1 I suspect that weapons in general will be "updated " in due time.
  12. Trying to operate the sight and the controls, but.... where is the light in the PKI frame that comes off?
  13. The M3 weapons are from LOMAC. There are even FAB/IAB subvariants that no plane can use. Remember that the 21 was a mod for LOMAC and in the beginning was to be a separate program. No files cleanup were made in order to make the module compatible with DCS.
  14. +1 On side note, I think that ED. must control weapons files. We´ve got 2 or 3 types of S-5 but some are only available for the 19P (made by Razbam) and others for example the Durandal are triplicated between ED, Razbam and Aerodev for their respective modules.
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