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  1. Although this missile is indeed used to deal with ground targets, it should theoretically be no problem to attack low-altitude and low-speed flying targets, just like AGM65.
  2. The seeker locks onto the target, but the missile hits the ground directly below the flying target. helicopter flight parameters:height 100m/ speed 100km/h SLMR.trk
  3. SLAM does not cruise at the set altitude. According to the manual:HIGH(35000FT),MED(15000FT),LOW(5000FT) But the test got HIGH(29000FT), MED(23000FT), LOW(1300FT and 3800FT) In fact, test again, the data will change againIn fact SLAM.trk
  4. In TV mode, it is not possible to see the burning smoke from the vehicle that has been fatally injured.(It seems that other sensors also have this problem, such as the KA50's TV) 01.trk
  5. +1 Because I am using a keyboard, I also need this feature
  6. When the RWS and TWS are locked on the target, the AIM9 cannot lock the enemy aircraft through the HMD unlocking seeker. Unless the AIM9 has locked on a target before the radar locks on the target. The above two situations are demonstrated in TRK. AIM9X-2.trk
  7. At present, there is another situation where the radar uses the RWS STT target, or the TWS tracks the target, and the AIM9X cannot use the unlocked seeker. Is this normal? Do I need to make another post?
  8. AIM9X uses the HMD to lock the target and unlock the seeker to track the target. If you move the viewing angle at this time, the seeker will no longer lock the target, but move with the HMD. But the normal situation is that the seeker will not cancel the tracking, unless you press the seeker to unlock again, the seeker's field of view will return to the HMD sight.(Just like the current F16C) AIM9X.trk
  9. Because I don't know much about the large overload damage after the update, it should be my operation problem.
  10. 0.85 Mach, the wing breaks when the overload is stretched,But at Mach 1 or Mach 1.3, if the 10G overload is pulled out, the wing is fine. OVG.trk My maximum overload of 0.85 Mach in trk is 9.6G
  11. The icon of the SA page target is lower. 01.trk
  12. Didn’t see the SA5 air defense update?(In-game units)
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