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  1. I wouldn't argue with anyone, but just look at the DCS F18 Flightmaual and Chuck's guide where the padel is on the stick also TM produced a replica one/ one of the stick of F18 with a padel under Beoing licence, I admit that I am a little confused. The only explnation here The RS F18 stick is the replica of F/A-18E Super Hornet while in DCS we have F/A-18C ,so maybe ! In addition, here after in the Redkite video link, you will see that it explains that there is a padel and its functions on the ground and in the air. That said, I use the RS F16SGRH-CE on an FSSB-R3 lighting bought on last November and another second FSSB-R3 lighting with a warthog stick and I am very pleased with both of them
  2. Thank you for your quick reply I did it, I left a message in front of my order where that says "GET HELP" yesterday, but no one has answered yet. For your information, I have bought two licences directly from Heatblur shop and in December Heatblur has sent me the code for a 10% discount so I guess I am really entitled.
  3. Dear AeroGator, when I placed an order for a Gunfighter Mk.III ‘F-14 Combat Edition on the EU shop, I placed the coupon received from Heatblur for a 10% discount and the 10% was not processed, was not accepted, however, I have checked out without discount being processed could you please tell me, if there is still possible to reduce the discount over my purchase by 10% or it's too late?
  4. when I send them such a message it means I bought from them since June 2018, for over 4000 euros, now I should prove it to you, I have bought a lot of thing in multiple copies since they exist, I have 5 computers each dedicated to a module, hey, I have bought other staff /items for more than 10,000 euros, from vkb,to realsimulator two RX , so what?
  5. Hello, Here below I quote for you all the last message I sent to them, I don't believe they do the exchange, even if they do it, it is worthless for your information,I am a member of their founder club, it means when they were nobody I trusted them and bought the first batch of their stick and base REMINDER Hello Virpil control team, Since January 22, you have sent me a message, and yet, no news or sign from you, this situation becomes unbearable for me. Here-after I quote your message: Hi Rxxxxxx, I deeply apologise for the delay - due to incredibly high demand we have unfortunately been working through a very large backlog of requests. I can have your V.F.X Grip collected, and to prevent further waiting I will have a brand new replacement sent out to you :) Can you please confirm your address and date which is suitable for courier collection? Do you want me to throw this handle in the trash? if that's what you want, say it and don't waste time your time and me waiting. I bought 4181.32 euros of your items since the 20 / 06/2018 and you make me wait for a grip VFX for 155 euros. Pending your comments and quick actions Best regards,
  6. Me too, following a ticket, opened it's been about 3 months that they told me that they were going to organize the collection of my V.F.X grip but nothing, no news, each time I send them a reminder it remains unanswered once when I told them that I bought them beyond 4000 euros of their product, the control person told me that '' I was deeply sorry that he will send a new grip to send him my address and I assign a date and since no news, it is a shame to work like that in EU because if I report it, they will have problem
  7. I received my MKIII, Just wanted to know what difference between spring 50 and 50A?
  8. I just checked with the EU store, it is not yet possible to reserve them, you must request to receive a notification after logging in I don't understand, there are people who have received their Gunfighter 3 and here in Europe we should dream about it.
  9. I just checked with the EU store, it is not yet possible to reserve them, you must request to receive a notification after logging in I don't understand, there are people who have received their Gunfighter 3 and here in Europe we should dream about it.
  10. I bought the same and I had help from a very kind mate here on Ed forum via TeamViewer to make it work, please review that throttle
  11. So in what, they are different MKII and MKIII outside the connector
  12. Thank you for your valuable explanation. Thank you for letting us know in a timely manner, when they will send us emails
  13. I took a screenshot of the mail received as proof of purchase of 2 licenses at the Heatblur store for $ 129.99, which I can send to VKB in due course, which, I have no idea when it will be. What would be the percentage of my reduction? 10% or more?
  14. Based on my experiences with PayPal, knowing that I use PayPal every month, I have had conflicts with a handful of sellers in the past and I won all my cases through PayPal, which I share here as the following : No matter when we placed our order, the seller has not fulfilled his obligations or commitments in compliance with what he defined at the first place toward the buyers whom we are. Even if we had received the good and it did not meet our expectations, we still had the right, we were entitled to open a dispute through PayPal and PayPal must to protect us (buyers). this also applies to the seller, if the customer abuses, then I don't see how we can be wrong, I don't think that a delay or a deadline in our case could prevent us to open a dispute since we( the customer) had placed our orders with the seller and the seller, by multiple apologies, has postponed the delivery time not once but a few times and put the customers in a state of perpetual confusion and in a situation of total darkness by his long silence . as my understanding, the product was not salable as-is condition because of a lot of imperfections. the product was tried by the reviewer was imperfect, none of them was fully satisfied this because of lack of experience on the part of the seller/manufacturer who now tries to recapture its imperfections, alist of this imperfection all already published. So it's up to us to make the decision whether or not to keep our order, but if we decide to cancel it, PayPal, Winwing must do everything to pay back any of us, as quickly as possible without any additional costs, whatsoever
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