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  1. Shameless ad: QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map The udpated BFM practice missions for paid maps coming up soon
  2. Shameless promo: Bronco OV-10A QuickStart Missions for Free Maps QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map If you want carrier ops, please feel free to drop a note.
  3. No, just happen to hop in...while I forgot to hit the VR button...
  4. I cannot say it is bad, but considering the cost of RTX-4090 comes along with the gain -- power, size, weight, and heat. Not to mention, it is over-budget, unless the RTX-4080 (16GB) is good enough to justify the price. I am sticking with 3090 Ti which is more "reasonable" and the performance in VR is pretty awesome.
  5. Will keep watching for the situation, at least when there would be a nice price drop...
  6. It is thunderstorm, the same mission as the above. Okay, time to make another vid…
  7. If I were AMD, I would have stopped producing any AM4 months ago.
  8. Looks like in the latest OB, there is no rain drops on the canopy in 2D either!
  9. As long as the stock lasts till Cyber Monday, it will be fine. It may not beat 79xx, but iirc, it sure maintains a little lead against the 77xx. Fingers crossed,
  10. You are scaring me, just check -- still available from Scan.co.uk
  11. Yes, this one sounds like a hot fix. We can always wish.
  12. Another OB release today, tentatively. Can always wish for the MB-339 to arrive today.
  13. No difference, not making anything even more enjoyable.
  14. Thanks, carrier / super carrier makes very good benchmark then.
  15. Humm, to make free maps busy enough takes a lot of work. Do we need the user to have the map in order to play the TRK file?
  16. Need to try this, and Beirut may also be a good choice, as long as the TRK file plays correctly and consistently in the first place!
  17. Some time, the newsletter mention things which happened earlier that week, say new Open Beta version. Fingers crossed.
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