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  1. So, if I am building a new PC in these 2 months, should I get this over i7 12700K? I am looking at the benchmarks, but I cannot draw a conclusion.
  2. According to the "interview" with Gamer Nexus, not for the time being.
  3. Video of all the modules I own, no mod planes: Also, I note another bug: the there is no rain in the mirrors, not to mention the rain can penetrate the plane.
  4. Also, I can make some vids -- also, the rain drops do not flow like in 2D and this was the way it was for quite time time.
  5. I find that the latest OB has broken the mod. I am not sure if it happens to other people.
  6. QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map Update: 23-09-2022 MiG-21bis added
  7. First, ED's latest newsletter finally says MB-339 is "soon to be released". And it is not the practice of releasing a new module in the middle of a sale. I guess it will be the week of 3rd October.
  8. OT: (the true) RTX-4080 has 16GB, would it be enough, for DCS, i.e.?
  9. IFE mentioned this for quite sometime. As the "flash sale" ends on 2nd Oct, I would expect the MB-339 available some time afterwards. Okay, MiG-21, here I come.
  10. Sorry OT: Are we starting the song "12 Days of Christmas"? It is way too early, people!
  11. How thick can the RTX 40 cards go? Here is a better glimpse: Warning: super funny.
  12. Just notice that the "MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti 24GB SUPRIM X Ampere Graphics Card" over Scan.co.uk drops £200, now £1199.99. Expect things get better down the line, fasten your seatbelt... In case you want to look at pictures of 4090, Overclockers have a bunch of them, but no pricing info yet.
  13. No MB-339 today, in case you are wondering.
  14. Thanks for clarification. I get myself a nice seat over the fence then.
  15. Not to mention the 4090 is so thick, it takes up at least 4 slots, not for anything short of a full size case.
  16. First, I will sit and wait. God know how many 40 cards will be available on Day 1, let alone the price. The more concerning thing is, what we have shown so far are with RTX or with DLSS3, so this one fly DCS, we have no idea how much better it may get.
  17. If the actual selling price of the RTX 40 is the same as the MSRP, I'll be damned. Current high end RTX 3090 Ti is currently selling about more or less here.
  18. This is a test: I find there is a slight update to the mod above: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316348/
  19. I am not sure if it is the best, I use "Tacca's NVG mod"
  20. Question: does anyone use AB gate? Does using the AB gate forbid the use of split-throttle? Thanks.
  21. I know F-14, FA-18C and Mirage 2000C have such option, does F-16C have one?
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