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  1. You can also download it from the official discord. Play around with it for a couple of minutes, no known conflicts so far. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  2. Speaking from a project management pov, it is best to be “just make”, one fails to meet the deadline, bad, finish before the deadline, bad also…but from a customer pov, deliver earlier than promised, great!
  3. I think you can try the Oculus Debug Tool: Turn on Visible HUD: Performance.
  4. Son of a gun!!! Year 2022?! I have no interest in this plane (to wife) and secretly, I will buy this plane eventually.
  5. Yes, you just have to add a couple of folders under UH-60L folder, c.f. T-45 and A-4E-C.
  6. Tomorrow! (depend on your timezone). Let's see this or the patch comes first.
  7. Big thanks! In game, it should be some where around the red line, running east-west, and the river meets. Time to make some tour videos...
  8. Thanks for the info. Will take a good look at them.
  9. Since I pay partly by Miles, so I do not get any of the "apology", afaik.
  10. Still not yet fixed. Should we change it ourselves and put it up in the User Files section?
  11. After I posted that video, I did a cold start as suggested, and it worked. So I made another one on cold start... Thanks. I only fly in VR, too. If you like flying helo, VR is the absolutely way to go.
  12. This is what I do: say I assign Button 16 on my T16K stick to "Close look to NS430 On Off". Make sure this button or combination, if you wish to use the latter, is not used by any other module or mod you wish to use with, say UH-1H Huey. So when you are flying the module or mod, hit the Button 16 as my example, the GPS/SatNav screen will appear. Hope it helps.
  13. Thanks. It may also be problem with other aircraft mods. I try after the making this vid and if I put the collective at 55% and move the cyclic in smaller motions, it kinda hovers properly. Still way easier than the Hind, given its size and weight. My major problem now is the chopter always starts moving forward first, even when wheel brake is applied. Update: did a cold start just now, the bird just went straight up, pure straight up, hovering and stayed there all the time, until of course I did something stupid like trying to land it.
  14. I use miles to pay for the Apache too. Shoulda save them up for non-preorder thingys.
  15. I am talking about moving sideway to the right, not turning. As I turn off the stabiliser, it goes away. I have done some hovering in Huey, but less successful in Hind. So I guess it is the auto-stabiliser at work. Thanks.
  16. Good to know. Thanks for taking time and reply.
  17. Wish: a binding to "Stablisation On/Off" I find turning the stabilisation off is essential to successful hovering.
  18. Thanks everyone, the posts are very informative and I have learnt a lot. Com'on guys! Don't hold back on your likes and thanks. They are free.
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