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  1. DCS OB won't even start with either A or B installed. Any help?
  2. I guess if one has not get the Super Carrier module, it is a good time to get it now for Typhoon for it comes with 2 carriers and the Su-33. Downloading... I dunno but I get "sonic boom" clouds both in and outside the plane and I don't think I am even in trans-sonic speed... Upon closer look, I think there is a no problem. But the HUD is not bright enough to be readable.
  3. Well, I did not do nothing, man. Actually after one accepts the license agreement, one gets this: Just use browse button to choose the path where you want the binaries would be.
  4. Finally!!! Glad it uses Su-33! Can't wait!!! Any discord server we can have further discussions?
  5. Just change the installation the path you wish to at the installer. I am installing the copy on d driver but the saved game is still on c...
  6. Talking to Ground Crew over Communication menu gets no respond, but they get the request and perform the tasks anyway without any acknowledgement whatsoever.
  7. Cross-post an update from another thread:
  8. Off-topic: I am happy with NTTR for what it is, except the plants there do not look right. On-topic: I dunno what the status but I think the Syria map can get a bit more optimisation.
  9. Thanks. Does this problem affect the 3Dmigoto too?
  10. With any plane on any map, click the F2 first time give a red mask with a coarse circle in the middle which is clear. Click F2 again removes the mask. However, switching to any other view retains the mask.
  11. Happy to report that both nav point and ship return on rader have been fixed. For using F10 to make waypoint, please refer:
  12. Yes, I did and the problem was still there. I switched (back) to SteamVR lately because I can use VRNetSafer and FSR.
  13. Since the old Patch Status Discussion thread is locked with no new one established, so I am wondering if there would be any patch coming this year. Thanks.
  14. I recorded a video of both HD and LD bomb runs, not published though, two days ago and both types of bombs ran perfectly. Please note that for HD, you need to follow the configuration rule, lower the HUD, go very fast > M 0.7, and low alt for the piper to show up. May I ask for further details, please?
  15. It works wonder here with Quest2 + SteamVR. This is what I have been looking for! Big improvement in SA! Thanks!
  16. GS has a video regarding the "2022 and Beyond" but he gets the Normady map wrong. The map covers almost the entire Channel map but some how, it does not have the white cliff textures. But I agree with him that the two maps may eventually merge into an even bigger one.
  17. NVG is back, baby! (Warning! The actual video is rather boring and uneventful)
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