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  1. Thanks. I think I better stick with the cable for now. I guess my USB-C cable with the Quest2 still works. Edit: looks like I still need VD... I have a laptop of this spec: Processor 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11800H @ 2.30GHz 2.30 GHz Installed RAM 32.0 GB GPU is RTX-3080 laptop I wonder if this would be easier to "run" than the Quest2. Also, a bit of concern regarding lack of OpenXR which I very much enjoy.
  2. Hey @currenthill! Keep up the good work! (Salute) This may be the closest F-14D we could have. Hope you don't mind I start a thread.
  3. Very interesting "what-if" mod. However, I can only find the version for F-14, but after watch GS's video, there seems to be a version for F-15C. May I ask where i can find one.
  4. Looks like I should take back my previous comments and jump to Pico 4 instead, which is controlled by yet another social media overload... So I should get the Steam version of VD for Pico 4, shouldn't I? Thanks in advanced.
  5. I am not very sure about the "being better" part, I am waiting for the hard numbers...
  6. 4080 reviews are flooding and they are not pretty...
  7. I am not sure, renaming 'su35s.lua' to 'su35.lua'?
  8. More questions: Should I plug the cable to the display port on the MOBO or should I plug it onto the one with the graphics card, especially if the system is AMD-based? I am a glasses user, would a pair of lens spacers work? It works with Quest2. Does the FOV mod face mask work, especially with glasses user like me? Can I have both Quest2 and G2 connected to the same system? Thank you.
  9. As I have briefly played around with the VSN_F35, yes you are sitting in a F-15C no more no less...As it is VSN, except for F-104, I guess this is what we get.
  10. Off-topic: @Nightstorm any chance you bring your talents to VSN F-35?
  11. It did not happen to me before the OB 2.7.x. Now, after random interval in flight, all the buttons on the stick stop working, but all the axis still work. I have the stick, throttle and pedals, all connected to a USB hub. To return to normal, I have to unplug the hub and reconnect it again. But still, it may still working at times, randomly.
  12. Sorry, I have been using this mod series for too long, I forgot what it was like before… Keep up the good work.
  13. I find that these two mobo are of the similar price: ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING WIFI II and ASUS ROG STRIX B550-E GAMING, which one should I choose, or something else?
  14. I apply some tricks using trim-only, no pitch from stick approach to landing, maintaining a 5-degree dive, and AoA within the bracket and air-brake on. The speed was about 100. Upon touchdown, the NWS has no response and no warning light whatsoever. Did I break the NWS?
  15. I am not entirely sure, but I see no mention in the manual, or was it?
  16. It is around £1,400.00 here, according the Box UK, it may be even marked higher by other vendors, like OCUK Price aside, if you are to trust a YT channel with out 12K subscribers, here is some benchmarks agains some games for your discretions:
  17. Box UK (on my another thread) has some price points for RTX 4080. Kinda not good looking unless supported by benchmarks. If the R7900XTX beats the performance of 4080 at £1200 print point, I am getting one.
  18. There is not such option above, so I would say, not on the list above. Thank you.
  19. Sorry, I dunno where to put some general news so I start a new topic then. Still waiting for the RTX 4090 to return to "normal" as some online shops here in the UK , having some cards in stock but list above £1800.00. Lower than last month but still unreasonable. RTX 4080, should anybody still care, is right around the corner. Box.co.uk lists some of the cards with price -- they are all near to the £1400.00 mark. Until it is supported by the benchmark, I think the price is a no-go to me. Sigh...
  20. I think the major changes are in the area of trimming. (Un)fortunately we do not have the FCR yet so there is one less thing to worry about...
  21. I am not sure if this is a bug or something. Since upgraded to OB 2.8, I notice that after flying for about 5 minutes, all the buttons on the stick has no respond, but the axis on the stick, and everything on the throttle still works. It did not happen back in 2.7. Have I done something wrong?
  22. I went back to do some fixed wing stuff some time after the initial release. When I get back these three days, I notice a lot have been changed and I start reading the manual (dated July 2022). I am wonder where I can find a summary of things change and how I can catch up with the latest. Thanks in advanced.
  23. Well, from what I see at Scan UK, the price are going a little down and more cards are available with 1-day shipping.
  24. Big thanks. About from plugging in such a huge card, I am a bit worried about the cable management too.
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