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  1. QuickStart Missions for the South Atlantic Map Update: 09-09-2022 Bronco OV-10A added Can take off from shore and HMS Invincible.
  2. Take off from a Flat Top Will try landing on one later.
  3. Watched some X-Plane 12 videos -- wish DCS can have the same rain effect. The mod is the closest thing we have.
  4. Turns out the test load is too heavy and it is fine. Still trying to see if dropping paratroopers work or not.
  5. Found this in the launch trailer, and is this the Alpha jet?
  6. I suspect people can now use this to make more civilian prop aircraft...wait, wait, wait, what's next?
  7. Pay a little sum of money to show support. Keep up the good work people!
  8. I guess if the Discord does not have it yet, it is not there yet.
  9. You don't need Virtual Desktop. First of all, is your DCS standalone or Steam version?
  10. Silly question: would Black Friday / Cyber Monday here in the UK actually help with the prices, if I was buying a custom system? Thanks in advanced.
  11. Off-topic: OC UK has a NVIDIA GPU sales week now. Still no slash for RTX 3090 Ti right now, but I guess it is a sign to com. Somebody recommends PC Part Picker site on another thread. Check it and it is a bit over £200 saving if you pick the parts and build it yourself.
  12. This is just in, via email, OC UK is having a price cut on NVIDIA cards. No RTX 3090 Ti cut at the moment, shame, but I guess you may want to check it out. Anyway, this may be the first shot of stock clearance. Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any sellers. I am just a person who wishes to build a PC for DCS.
  13. No apology needed or accepted. Keep up the good work, mate!
  14. Given the incoming flood of new modules, mods and liveries, due to "global warming", you will need a 2TB drive for DCS alone within 2-weekTM Not to mention, you need extra space for updates too. Fingers crossed.
  15. "One more day, one more day" -- Pill Colins And what is "more"?
  16. One note: I may be wrong but flaps on the F-14 is rather dedicated. Please watch the speed before lowering. And raise then before you power up and abandon landing attempt.
  17. I can only find one for Win11....it may not work well with VR so I wish to stick with Win10.
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